Got some cool goodies today!

Fan Fun

Thief is BACK! Yes, yes, yes, and YES! My favorite game series of all time. 1st Person Sneaker. Squee! Thief 4 coming in 2014. Booyah! (Why no…I’m not excited about this at all…) 😛
Everquest Next Combat trailer – another highly anticipated game! Yeah!
New Trailer for Frozen – bizarre but fun looking plot!
Freebirds Trailer #2 – This does look funny. 🙂

Social Media/Author Platform

Facebook Enables Post Edits: This Week in Social Media by Cindy King at the Social Media Examiner. Yay! About time! I always mess up on those things. lol. The Audio Library from Youtube sounds cool too.

Branding 101: What is Your Brand? by Jami Gold. Man, she’s been busting out some good stuff this week! Woot!

Writing Advice

What Do Your Characters Falsely Believe by Jami Gold. Some great thought provoking stuff!

Gene Lempp is back bringing us a ton of writing resources and more! Writing Resources 28 Sept 2013 and as a bonus 21 Sept 2013 (which I missed due to chaos!) Ya’ll are gonna be SO busy now. Bwahahaha.

From Chuck (NSFW) Wendig – Dear Publishers… Great post!

Have an awesome Monday!