On the eve of Halloween, let’s see what can be found to astound.

Mountain Paradise by Chris Moore from Earthshots.org What a beautiful composition of colors!
There are even more colorful items at his site. 
Prince Pier by Wolongshan at Earthshots.org More awesome colors! He’s got some great black and white as well as long exposure night pics at his flicker account. Nice!
Mother Turns Her Baby Boy’s Naptime Into Creative Dreamland Adventure Photos – photography by Queenie Liao – article by DL Cade at PetaPixel. How utterly adorable!
One Year Later: Before-and-After Photos of Hurricane Sandy Damage and Recovery – article by Michael Zhang, photography by Natan Dvir at PetaPixel. Mr Dvir has a lot of interesting photos at his site as well. 
halloween picture
Great pic of The Baxter Village Halloween from their blog. Looks like they know how to have fun there!

Hope you have a spooktacular Halloween Eve!