Oh this week has been such a suuuuuuuucky week so far.
But there’s always tomorrow. Wheeeee!
And I also found my missing pics!

IMG 1347
The clouds seemed angry.

IMG 1348
On the way back from Octopodicon, we passed by Winstar Casino.

IMG 1349
It’s rather cool how they made their buildings resemble landmarks from other countries

IMG 1350

IMG 1351

IMG 1352

IMG 1353

IMG 1354
The pagoda looked neat too!

IMG 1355
Then the following week work sent us to a users meeting with our main software vendor. They held the meeting/lunch at Great Wold Lodge.

IMG 1356
Just look at the size of the wolves!

IMG 1357

IMG 1358
You can see them all the way back to US 26.

IMG 1359
Doors were cool.

IMG 1360
First view after you enter. A really neat place.

IMG 1361
Story time area for the kiddos.

IMG 1362
A little blurry. but this was a treehouse like platform from the second floor.

IMG 1363
And just behind a giant wall of glass/plastic is their water park.

IMG 1364

IMG 1365

IMG 1366
Watch the bucket at the top. It fills then pours out a ton of water. The last iphone upgrade seems to have sped the picture taking speed because I was able to do…this….
IMG 1368

IMG 1369

IMG 1370

IMG 1371

IMG 1372

IMG 1373

IMG 1374

IMG 1375

IMG 1376
Some of the decor upstairs

IMG 1377
One of the ladies at work was getting married. This is what she came to the day before the wedding. 

IMG 1378
I thought the gals did a great job!

May your week be better than mine! 🙂 Till next time.