Last night when I got home from work the radio was playing one of my favorites – “Counting Stars” by One Republic. This morning, when I started the car to go to work, what was playing? “Counting Stars” by One Republic. Sweet!

IMG 1613
Sunset in Texas

IMG 1614
Sunrise at work. Yeah, I get there early. 😛

IMG 1615
Closer view. Kind of grainy though.

IMG 1616
Another angle
IMG 1618
We went driving in Frisco for a lark and came across this really cool miniature town. It’s for a kids program to show them about the fire and police. The place was adorable!

IMG 1619
More of the little buildings.

IMG 1620
One micro community. It was so cute! (I loved the replica on this one. The house for Babe’s Chicken is super adorable!)

IMG 1621
 View from the back gate.

IMG 1622
Last one. Street lights and everything!

IMG 1623
Frisco Square.

IMG 1624
The central spire of the main building is so funky.

IMG 1625
But I like it!
IMG 1628
Here’s a close up view.

IMG 1632
On the way out, we spotted this! It rotates. Entrance to a stadium where they hold NCAA meets.

IMG 1634
The camera did not do this sky justice. All full of baby pink and blue.

IMG 1635
Construction on the giant furniture store on 121 continues. Gets bigger every time we look.

IMG 1637
Skyline from 121 in Plano

IMG 1638
Skyline on the way back but the opposite side.

IMG 1640
Some gorgeous pinks at sunset last night. Again the pic does not do them justice. 

IMG 1641
Closer view.

Hope you have an awesome Wednesday!