Morning, all!

Stumbled over a new little puzzle game last week. Has an awesome steampunk look and feel to it. And it’s terribly cute. Multidimensional yet at the same time old fashioned puzzles. The pipe ones remind me of a game hubbins and I played eons ago. This new game is called COGS.

2014 01 22 00001
You get graded on the solution, time it took to solve, and number of moves. Collecting the stars opens up more puzzles. 

2014 01 22 00002
In Invention Mode you get the list of puzzles on one side and then an explanation of the particular highlighted puzzle on the right.

2014 01 22 00003
Beginning of the puzzle

2014 01 22 00004
When I completed it. Many of the puzzles have a result – for this one, it’s filling up the balloon.

2014 01 22 00005
A 4 sided puzzle! Each side affected the next one! Crazy stuff!

2014 01 22 00006

2014 01 25 00001
Make all the bells stop ringing – not as simple as it sounds!!!

2014 01 25 00002
Make the clocks move at the same speed. This one almost did me in. Some of the special cogs did not play with each other. 

2014 01 26 00001
Pipe matching goodness!

Is this game cute or what? Available for just about all electronic devices. We got the PC version.
Have a great day!