Morning all!

In the last couple of weeks or more, hubby and I discovered a couple of fab restaurants. So I am going to share! Heh heh

Wasabi & Wok – Japanese, Chinese, and Thai cuisine.

IMG 2144
Unagi Don Buri – Eel Rice Bowl – done a little differently than your usual Unagi Don, but still so delicious! The Martini Glass lit up and had radish spaghetti and other vegetables. Nice!

IMG 2145
Beef Fried Rice.

IMG 2146
I love these things! So beautiful!

IMG 2147
Chicken and Flat Noodle – hubby was doing the whole Scooby Doo and Scooby Snacks bit after he took a taste. lol. 

Adobo Puerto Rican Restaurant

IMG 2203
Little place of Beltline in Irving. 

IMG 2204
Mofongo – have not had this in forever! YUM.

IMG 2205
Hubby got Churrasco – skirt steak and onions. He was one happy camper. The beans for the rice came in a separate cup and were super tasty.

IMG 2206
Pernil – roast pork. Also arroz y gandules. 
Sadly, I totally forgot to take a pic of my daughters Canoe – dish I’d not seen before but looked fantastic. (I had a hard time picking!) And they even had tostones. We’ll be back!

And now I’m hungry. lol. Have a great Wednesday!