Morning all!
2014 is almost done and 2015 coming in. Scary, isn’t it?
Let’s see how far I get this week. πŸ™‚

Fan Fun

The Longest Ride Official Trailer – two love stories set forty years apart. Could be interesting.
The Dead Lands International Trailer #1 – New fight styles to watch – sweet!
The Portal Official Trailer – this might be a hoot! lol

Social Media/Author Platform

Facebook Year In Review – This Week In Social Media from Cindy King at the Social Media Examiner. Some interesting bits.

Merry Christmas! Have a Cookie by Jami Gold. Awesome advice that spreads comfort and happiness to others as well as ourselves and even helps with all our social media as authors. Go, Jami! A smile really can make a world of difference!

Writing Advice

Make Readers Suffer – Great Fiction Goes for the GUTS by Kristen Lamb. Great advice!

Woot! Slightly less lame post! Booyah!
Have a great week!