Two weekends ago was ALLCON!

And the costumes were everywhere and fantastic ones at that! Here are the ones I got to take snap shots of.

IMG 2361
Big Hero 6!
IMG 2367
From Gravity Falls – Wendy and Dipper!

IMG 2368
Tried to catch him like 3 times. He had a mouth beneath the mask part – he looked great! 

IMG 2369
He looked very dapper!

IMG 2370
Loved this umbrella! Looked like fluffy clouds. 

IMG 2371
Nice detail.

IMG 2373
This hat was FABULOUS!

IMG 2374
Look at all that awesome detail!!!!!

IMG 2375
He Who Shall Not Be Named after seeing the Face Off guest for a little touch up. 🙂

IMG 2376
She looked great. Didn’t get her cool back hair in the pic though. 

IMG 2377
Zoom in on this dress. Let them eat cup cakes!

IMG 2378
Chuck! (Aka Prophet, aka God?) 

IMG 2379
He came out very well! X-Men, better get ready!

IMG 2380
Tim Burton would be proud. 🙂

IMG 2381
A gun totting, western Medusa! Check out her arms! Awesome detail!

IMG 2384

IMG 2385
What I totally loved was the ship in the wig being attacked by Kraken Tentacles. Sweet!

IMG 2386
Isn’t she adorable?

IMG 2389
Gruncle Stan and WADDLES!!!!  OMG he’s so cute!!!!!

IMG 2390
Beeker and the Chef – flashback time! 
IMG 2392
Our bud across the aisle, after getting worked on by the guest special effects lady. Nice Beast!