Morning, all!

My work place is moving to Las Colinas, which means a much more involved commute. So trying to see how to avoid traffic and all the stress, annoyance, etc that goes with it, I figured I’d check out DART Rail since there’s a station right by the new work address.

So I spent a couple of hours doing research, finding out routes, comparing maps, and more. So Saturday, hubby and I set off to check it out and see if it is a viable alternative or not.

IMG 2405
This is the view from the DCTA platform off of Hebron in North Carrollton. The A Train stops by here.  As you can see, aside from a roof and some metal chairs and ticket machines, there’s nothing here. 

IMG 2406
On a day like Saturday, that is not a problem. But any kind of inclement weather and passengers would find no protection here. Also, the big schedule on the marquee is only for weekdays, so we ended up missing the train, because… there are no TOILETS!

IMG 2408
Took a panoramic once we got back (before we realized the marquee was wrong and we’d just missed the train).  Wahhhh! (We got in the car and went to the alternate stop.)

IMG 2409
Inside of the DART Rail – which we got on at the North Carrollton Station. No bathrooms there either.

IMG 2410
Ticket machines and helpful signs. Huge parking lot, big statue, no bathrooms. No real cover.

IMG 2411
Incoming DART rail. (We’re sitting in the other one.)

IMG 2412
And we’re off!

IMG 2413
Water treatment plant in Carrollton

IMG 2414
Some nice views on  the overpasses.

IMG 2415
Each station stop had a different decor motif for their columns. Still no restrooms.

IMG 2416
A lovely fluffy sky!

IMG 2417
Passing strangers

IMG 2418
You can see the conductor and the rail map from here. Typical multi transit train setup.

IMG 2419
Walnut Hill Station – a nice southern feel to the columns.

IMG 2420
The big radar thing/water thing. 

IMG 2421
Some more of the stop decor.

IMG 2422
Historical Park in Farmers Branch.

IMG 2423
They’ve really fixed it up!

IMG 2424
More column decor.

IMG 2425
This is the extent of protection at all the stations we stopped at. 🙁 Rain with some wind, and you’d be soaked.

IMG 2426
Really can see a long way from up here.

IMG 2427
Old Downtown Carrollton

IMG 2428
More station decor

IMG 2429
Big art thing at the North Carrollton Station. Wish they’d instead put in some bathrooms.
All the stations were clean and so were the trains. But…
We never did go all the way to our final destination. The bathroom situation caused us to hoof it in search of one and after that we were pretty much done. I now know why DART is losing money. I’ve no idea how the elderly or people with kids could afford to use DART rail without any kind of facilities being available. I spoke to a friend who uses the Red Line and said he’d seen plenty there, but the Green Line seemed to have none. Sadly, the lack of facilities definitely makes this a non-option for me.

Happy Wednesday!