Been a good blogger and tried to get this ready ahead so it doesn’t slip by. Wheee!
Probably getting a little carried away though. 😛

IMG 2448
Driving home after going out a couple of weeks ago. Was trying to see how many ways I could try to get the sun. (That’s what happens when I’m not the one driving. :P)

IMG 2449
The rain spots do seem to add a little something. No?

IMG 2450
Oh! A nice open view!

IMG 2451
The sky was doing all sorts of fun things. 🙂

IMG 2452
Golden Eye!

IMG 2453
Almost could believe this is a far off detonation in a SF film. Heh heh.

IMG 2454
The freeway undulates enough to get all sorts of views.

IMG 2455
Yeah, I’m getting carried away. What else is new? 🙂

IMG 2456
We do get some of the most fascinating clouds here.

IMG 2457
We’re almost done.

IMG 2458
Ahhhh, a beautiful one to leave you on. Yay!

 Have fun!