Took a ton of pics at FanExpo Dallas this year. Will be splitting it in half so I don’t drown ya guys. Heh heh.
IMG 2499
Our view pre-opening day. There were two semi trailers for Insidious 3 – a haunted house.

IMG 2500
Halo Troops!

IMG 2501
They even came with a spaceship!

IMG 2502
With all the gear on. 🙂

IMG 2503
Yes, the Mach 5! Go, Speed, go!

IMG 2504
Ghost Busters Mobile!

IMG 2505

IMG 2506
She has the power!

IMG 2507
One of a gazzillion Deadpools. 

IMG 2508
I could never get a full shot of this one! lol

IMG 2509
Evil temptations!

IMG 2510

IMG 2511
Jaffar – walking way too fast to capture. DOH!

IMG 2512
My daughter caved in to temptation. lol. 

IMG 2513
Lights outside the Dallas Convention Center

IMG 2514

IMG 2515
Groot sighting!

IMG 2518
Princess Merida. 

IMG 2519
Jabberjaw vs. Toothless! 

IMG 2520
Avengers Assemble! (And more!)

IMG 2522
Inspector Zenigata! Except he had a bag of money on his back. Could it be Lupin in disguise?

IMG 2523
There’s Lupin III! 

IMG 2524
Could not get a good pic of the two together. But you can see the money bag!

IMG 2525
This is a full moving set of armor. Impressive!

More next week!