Still fighting my failing drive and the new backup setup. Progress us slow….
But on the Happy Side! I have seen what should be the last draft (before they add the titles, blurbs, etc) of the Cover for Jewel of the Gods. Booyah!

The publisher is still hoping for it to be ready to reveal for purchase during ArmadilloCon 7/24-26! Woot! *fingerscrossed* If you want a sneak peak at the book (since I still don’t have the pages up at the site (argh!) (Hello To Do List!) you can find Chapters 1, 2, and 3 on the blog. (With over a years delay in getting it published, you’d think I’d have more stuff together…But nooooooo!)

Val Palrada

TERA ScreenShot 20141228 170650
Isn’t he just too cool?

TERA ScreenShot 20141228 170655
Such a good boy!

TERA ScreenShot 20141228 171108
Love the magic/holographic sign.

TERA ScreenShot 20141228 171321
Look at the gorgeous dress!

TERA ScreenShot 20141228 171335
Front side and a peek at hubby. (Yeah, he’s the short one)

TERA ScreenShot 20141228 171409

Cool setup and with the awesome sky – double so!

TERA ScreenShot 20141228 171427
Look at the gorgeous tile work! 

TERA ScreenShot 20141228 171435

TERA ScreenShot 20141228 171552
Just a hint of sexy and cool forms.

TERA ScreenShot 20141228 171817
The jungle around Val Palrada

TERA ScreenShot 20141228 171856
Quaint way station
The Hatchery – Arachnea

TERA ScreenShot 20150104 141654
Close look at nastiness. Can you see the beady eyes?

TERA ScreenShot 20150104 142234
Eggsacs and wrapped up food. Eek!

TERA ScreenShot 20150104 143226
Oh! Nice room!

TERA ScreenShot 20150104 143249
Such an impressive ceiling!

TERA ScreenShot 20150104 143406
Confrontation time!

TERA ScreenShot 20150104 143428
So determined.

TERA ScreenShot 20150104 143704
And look at this floor! Lovely!

Truly thankful for all the hard work of the artist on these games! Thank you!