I can physically feel the weather changing this morning. Pressure! Wooooo!

The Sun King by Christian Spencer at Earthshots.org – the timing on this had to be incredible! For the hummingbird to be at the right angle and position? Dang… That’s really working for a shot. His is full of other nice shots. He’s got paintings, music, and film as well. Very busy!
The Outbreak by Artur Stanisz at Earthshots.org – love the title. Plenty of vamps who would think of it as an outbreak. heh heh.
Hidden Underworld 900
Hidden Underworld by Artur Stanisz – lots of mountains and other lovely shots at his site. (I’m liking these long pics and I then have room to can make them bigger for the post!) 🙂 He also does Photo Adventures
IMG 2655
I had to share this. My daughter made it over the weekend. Isn’t it cool? 
CA2015 021 2
100 Cameras Were Given to the Homeless in London. Here’s What They Captured at PetaPixel article by Michael Zhang. They got some lovely pics! The group doing all this is Cafe Art. What a cool concept!
2Q 11
This Talented Street Photographer Spent Two Months at a Swimming Pool in Prague – article by Michael Zhang at PetaPixel. Photography by Rishabh Kaul for his Wet Paradise series. 
Happy Wednesday!