Morning all!

Final Fantasy XIV

Old Gridania
Lancer Guild

This guy has different views on how Lancers should be. He might just become my characters future boyfriend. If he doesn’t get me killed. lol.

That’s my sensei in the background. First met the rival when he came to challenge everyone in the dojo. My master would not rise to his taunts. Heh heh
Central Shroud

Riding my first Chocobo! Woot! What’s truly hilarious is they play a Bonanza like song when you ride the Chocobo from station to station. Hee!

Some Aardvark like creatures that have been causing trouble. Nifty little tents!

Though the local tents are also cool. And new armor!

Hah! A closeup!

Hubby is staring up at the Mail station. The mail guy looks so cute! 

Pet Caster’s pet. Cutest things ever!

I so love all the lovely detail!

Wharf area at night

Some mound burial crypts out in the Shroud zone. 

Inside one of them. Before we got mauled. Heh heh

Our first view of the Adventurer’s housing area. Really cool. And so expensive! Gack!

Have a super Sunday!