Life is overfull again. Quarter end close at work. Oi!
I so totally dislike the way the iPhone now parcels pics in the folders. I can never find anything!
Anyway, torturing you with my own stuff this week. 😛

IMG 2668
Eye in the Sky! 

IMG 2669
Clouds were moving fast this day. I never remember this thing has a video function. DOH

IMG 2670
So many cloud layers…like filters…

IMG 2674
Clouds painted on like brush strokes! 

IMG 2675
Buddy at work found her dog chewing on this. On the lower part of the shell there’s blood. Turtle did not take kindly to getting her shell chewed on. They found the poor thing a safer home. 🙂

IMG 2676
Good Morning!

IMG 2678
Fencon was this past weekend. Not a lot of costumes, but this one was fab! Hello, Time Lord!

IMG 2680
Cool lighting/transporter/force field mechanism. Done by one of the ConCom guys. Fab work! There was another set they made but I never remembered to go find it. 🙁 

How did it get to be October already? Winter is Coming! Heh heh