Fan Fun

New Trailer for The Sherlock Special – getting weird weird vibes from this. Should be fun though!
Hail, Caesar! Official Trailer – this looks all kinds of Awesome! Just the production value and in-jokes on old Hollywood films I spotted will make ti worthwhile. heh heh
Pride, Prejudice, and Zombies Official UK Trailer #1 – while the book took things too far (heart ripping ninjas – really?) the film looks like it will be some definite fun. Sweet!

Social Media/Author Platform

All LinkedIn Groups Becoming Private: This Week in Social Media by Lisa D. Jenkins at the Social Media Examiner.

4 Ways to Improve Engagement With Hashtags by Dylan Kissane at the Social Media Examiner.

Writing Advice

Making Story MAGICβ€”How To Bring the Elements All Together by Becca Puglisi.

Developing Our Story: From Beat Sheet to Scene List by Jami Gold. Lots of food for thought. πŸ™‚

May your week be calmer than mine is going to be. πŸ˜›