Gack, running late. Typical, no? Boo!

Final Fantasy XIV
Main Storyline
New Gridania

ffxiv 09132015 144728
Battle at the sacred tree. 

ffxiv 09132015 144733
These guys are doing the destroying but are not the actual instigators of the trouble. Bad tempered though. Heh heh

ffxiv 09132015 145436
I’ve come with the rangers to stop them.

ffxiv 09132015 145504
Now this guy is the one behind the current troubles.

ffxiv 09132015 145518
And he really wants to win.

ffxiv 09132015 145837
The mysterious duo shows up once more to help.

ffxiv 09132015 150848
Later, I speak with the leader of Gridania

ffxiv 09132015 150906
Lots of things to learn. And she’s chosen me for a role in an upcoming celebration.

ffxiv 09132015 151648
Oooh! Hope I will be able to make stuff like that some day!

ffxiv 09132015 152620
People getting together.

ffxiv 09132015 152634
I’m wearing a ceremonial mask representing those who helped during the calamity years ago.

ffxiv 09132015 152658
Which in turn…

ffxiv 09132015 153047
Unexpectedly gives me visions of the past and the disaster from before.

ffxiv 09132015 153051
Things are very grim.

ffxiv 09132015 153212
The leaders of the battle to defend the planet.

ffxiv 09132015 153516

ffxiv 09132015 153646
Dude on the bad side. 

ffxiv 09132015 154406
After the vision, went to meet the leader again in a special garden. So pretty! 

ffxiv 09132015 154428
Isn’t that neat? She realizes more trouble is coming and wants me to deliver messages to the other two leaders.

ffxiv 09132015 160847
Cure little guy right in the middle. Awwww.

And off I go!