I was able to upload all my pics of Puerto Rico from the trip in November.

While still a work in progress with regards to moving them into sub folders, I figuired I’d share now anyway. 🙂

The album software is Piwigo. Still trying to set up all the options. The Panoramic pics won’t show, so I still need to see if I can fix that.

Main Album is Puerto Rico. This one contains pics with no specific locations but also has unsorted pics from other locations I’ve yet to move to their sub folders.

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Sub folders:

Caguas – where my uncle lives.

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El Morro (Most of the pics for El Morro are still in the main folder. Doh!) – Spanish Fort in San Juan

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El Yunque – National Rain Forest

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Guajataca – city in the northeast – we stopped by the beach there.

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Hope you enjoy them!