Running late as my back muscle continues to be a naughty spoiled brat. *sigh*

IMG 2836

Cloud tidal wave! Look at the horizon.

(It’s rather sad that now that we’re in a tall office building giving me a better vantage point for taking some cool pics, the lights and the windows themselves botch the opportunity) 🙁

IMG 2837

The sky has been looking very dirty of late. (The reflection of the window make the pic look put together like a puzzle. No?)

IMG 2838


IMG 2839

Different angle, same sunrise.

IMG 2840

A gorgeous sunset. Too bad the colors get washed out due to the camera.

IMG 2842

This one is slightly better. Gives it a little of a spooky feel.

IMG 2843

This is a lot of clouds for Texas. 🙂

Have a great day!