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Final Fantasy XIV

Golden Saucer

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Missed one last pic for the Golden Saucer last week. Really a neat place. 🙂

Dungeon – Sastasha (In La Noscea)

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Doesn’t look friendly does he? 😛

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Dungeons in FF XIV are not what I am used to. You have to have parties of 4. They do have a neat cue system though, so you’re not forced to be on at the same time as other friends to do a dungeon. You get bonuses if anyone in the party has never been there, completion speed, etc. Which means I have to take pics during the intro movie because once we’re in people speed on! 🙂

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Loved all the glowing flora here.

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Pirate dude.

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Unhappy creature. Him and his peeps have taken this place for a spawning ground?

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I believe they are trying to summon one of the old gods.

Dungeon – Tam-Tara Deepcroft (In the Black Shroud)

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Our second dungeon! A very dark place, so pics are so-so.

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See what I mean? 😛 You have to look closely to see stuff on this one.

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This has better detail.

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The objective!

Hope your entry into 2016 has been joyous so far! 🙂