Running late today. Overslept. Doh!

Also with the new year the pics got out of order in the folder, so I ended up jumping ahead.

Hope these are not signs of how the day is going to go!

Final Fantasy XIV

New Gridania

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Small waterfall in New Gridania. Sadly not the lookout spot for the log. Have had no luck finding one yet!

Central Shroud

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Adorable cottage, is it not?

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Gorgeous glowing flowers. You can also see some funky dino like creatures running in the back

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This is a Halitostroper – EEK!

South Shroud

Camp Tranquil and Roots Lake

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Lovely sunrise!

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Center of Camp Tranquil.

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View of funky formations in Root Lake as well as more gorgeous flowers!

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Vistas around Camp Tranquil

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Roots Lake

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View from Camp Tranquil’s other side. 🙂

May your day be a restful and tranquil one! 🙂