Complications and complications! I don’t think the world can exist without them, do you? 😛 DOH!

Final Fantasy XIV

Player Housing in Ul’dah

20160207073233 e4584c69 me

Outside the player housing zone.

20160207073248 f2ffd7d7 me

Different angle shot. You can see some of the Halloween decorations on the right. 🙂

20160207072958 f6b10dd0 me

Isn’t that a lovely pond? Nice!

20160207073015 b781d0bd me

The facade of one of the homes.

20160207073030 8b5605f2 me

A Shrine to their sweetheart?

20160207073045 c19b2d16 me

What awesome detail. Look at all the engravings! Sweet!


20160207073100 a74b5e4c me

Totally love the look of this rise. The weird purple ring is our current objective.

20160207073109 bb6f88bb me

Kikipu a merchant in need!

20160207073120 ba080328 me

View of Ul’dah from outside the city. Lovely!

Copperbell Mines

20160207073134 2521cb93 me

Copperbell Mines Dungeon intro! Convoluted place.

20160207073149 9e1b2108 me

Oh yeah!

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