Haven’t had a chance to play more Grim Fandango and wanted to give you a break from FF XIV, so here’s pics I still hadn’t shared from the TERA MMO. 🙂

Southerns Arun

20160313075040 2f67b5b3 me

Not a happy looking place, is it? 😛

20160313075034 3a1a91e4 me

Neat bridge! Our white tiger mounts, Love them fuzzy wuzzies!

20160313075023 b1f3716f me

Crystal flowers!

20160313075009 b251a2ba me

That’s one scary looking rock formation!

20160313075001 362d2a8e me

This NPC has class! Love her outfit!

20160313074948 f1ac9c61 me

Let the lava flow!

20160313074923 bd61f2c9 me

So many mouths! So many teeth!

20160313074914 e2aa0d3c me

She looks nasty too!

20160313074904 c5ed054b me

Closeup on the lava.

20160313074853 800d5900 me

Not a friendly looking place.

20160313074845 7c880686 me

Bad things have happened here. Doh!


20160313074936 66630ac8 me

Some nice looking player clothing and armor. 🙂

Have a great day!