Final Fantasy XIV
Eastern Thanalan
Camp Drybone Area

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That death smile is rather eerie. The protector now grows some very rare plants on himself.

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A lovely little pond in the arid area around Camp Drybone

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Ruins close to Camp Drybone

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Canyons with a sunrise and a city far off in the distance. 🙂

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Canyon looks rough! Look at all that fog.

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Lovely store interior. Look at the lovely carpet! And they have more in the back. 😛

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Crystal formations around the Camp Drybone area. They glow at night!

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An Amal’jaa Warrior – looks tough!

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Inside Camp Drybone – the place was built in a depression. Handy to safeguard everyone from any harsh storms.

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Upper area of Camp Drybone

Western Thanalan
Vesper Bay

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A friendly face?

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View from the side of the central square area.

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What a lovely sunset!

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