Morning! Running super, duper late.
Between work and trying not to catch a cold, life has been nothing but CHAOS! Whee! (Did see “Eye in the Sky” – good movie! Just didn’t get to do a review. Felt horrible Friday – suckers take 2 hours and life is FULL) 🙁

Grim Fandango

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This handsome dude lives in Rubacava. Got to meet him after I fell off the cliff into the brink. 😛

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Thanks to his intell, I was able to give my old client news on his wife. It also landed me his old job so I can wait for Meche.

Year 1

20160410081051 6ae95acd me

Manny has been waiting for Meche. It has now been a year. Many things have changed.

20160410081052 8963bbb3 me

He looks very Casa Blanca no? Heh heh. Manny now owns his own place – looks just like Humphrey Bogart. 😛

20160410081053 971cdfe0 me

View from his porch of the Rubacava and the bay.

20160410081054 9e34d9f5 me

Inside his swank apartment/office

20160410081054 ca0eae50 me

This table here holds a secret! Flips to show a machine that let’s him control the roulette table.

20160410081055 b8b16dd6 me

Floor below Manny’s apartment and also entryway to the club. He has a coat checker and everything! 😛

20160410081056 f14caaa0 me

Bar and Lounge area of the club. Glottis plays some mean keys!

20160410081057 4b3a8f9a me

The Casino area of the club.

20160410081058 04f5d4ac me

View of Manny’s club entrance. Swank!

20160410081059 113bee19 me

Could that be…Meche? At last!

20160410081100 335b8b46 me

A little birdie bringing Manny info from his rebel friends!

The plot thickens!!!


Have a restful day!