Final Fantasy XIV
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Mining and tinkering camp. It’s where we learn a little about crystals and tuning them. Still not something I’ve done a lot with.

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My daughter loves these! Giant, chubby, baby chocobo! Hee!

Vesper Bay

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Different angle on the main courtyard.

The Waking Sands
Scions of the Seventh Dawn

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Within Vesper Bay lies the Waking Sands. It is the head quarters for the Scions of the Seventh Dawn – unaffiliated group trying to help the entire planet. This is their current leader, Minfilia.

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Preserved staff from one of the previous leaders of the group. He was lost during the calamity.

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Pulled back view of the head office of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn.

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Traitor to the planet.

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This warrior race is trying to summon back one of the Primals. Elemental deities that take over the minds of those around them. Eek!

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They are summoning the Primal!

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Magnificient, no? His name is Ifrit.

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The eager worshipper. Heh heh.

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The Primal speaks!

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He is darn scary looking! Dang!

We’re expecting a ton of rain today! Stay dry!