20160504051435 191ba469 me

The weather here has been flip flopping like mad. But it has made for some gorgeous sunrises! 🙂

20160504051441 1e16a5d5 me

Like melting butter!

20160504051449 d8049376 me

Building storms. Wind’s been pretty strong.

20160504051452 236fbee8 me

Sky blanket! (Windows are dirty. 🙁 )

20160504051455 4dd5399c me

An even fluffier blanket!

20160504051406 7e8acabb me

Love the color layers. (Window still dirty. Come on guys! Clean this thing!)

20160504051413 49d14d36 me

Roiling cloud bank! Like for an alien invasion? 😛

 20160504051418 50bc0add me

Storms are a coming!

20160504051423 904633db me

As darkness falls….

20160504051430 c8f58cd2 me

Love the way the light shifts all over the place.

Alright, I’ll quit torturing you now. 😛 Have a great day!