Morning all!
Still slowly killing myself at the day job. Wheee!

Grim Fandango
Year 1

20160710063306 4bd835c8 me

Oh noes! Shifty eyed forger is trying to turn the tables. The gun there is one of those flower ones that kills the dead. Eek!

20160710063308 64dddab6 me

At the lighthouse for a rendezvous!

20160710063311 688b2f95 me

Someone got to her first!

20160710063314 a3469961 me

Not quite gone yet. But it is spreading.

20160710063317 453d8f10 me

What a nasty way to redie.

20160710063319 28dd4776 me

Back at the tattoo artist’s place. Still icky! 😛

20160710063322 b7a3a38d me

Oopsie! Someone go beddie bye. Heh heh. The plan is one step closer to fruition.

20160710063324 38641d0a me

The law is displeased. The plan continues apace!

20160710063326 77ffb071 me

Such a fancy uniform for a 1 cop town. 😛

20160710063329 4725c025 me

He’s played right into my hands! Bwahahaha! He’s shutting down Manny’s club.

20160710063332 54311d09 me

Opulent office no? And so quick to hear of cash drying out.

20160710063334 bd8e71b2 me

Now my buddy is out of the VIP lounge and we can move to the next step. Bwahahahahahahahahahaha!

Hope you have a lovely Sunday!