Yes, still running behind on all things despite my best efforts. Boo!

Lots happening in the next few weeks so posts may be spotty for a little while longer. Wish me luck!

Animefest 2016

20160826071517 2c80ccdf me

Cool new creation from ChibiChains that debuted at the con. 😛

20160826071522 b8fc5391 me

Isn’t he the cutest thing ever? 🙂

20160826071527 425ced0d me

Pic of one of our neighbors. She always has the coolest yukatas.

20160826071606 1a362292 me

Our next door neighbors. Lovely miniature painting work.

20160826071610 cc08f75c me

A close look at some of their awesome work.

20160826071614 7c9e71e6 me

Love the robot lady on the left!

20160826071639 2a6fe927 me

Don’t mess with the armored fish ladies!

20160826071643 bf82b8f3 me

The dress is super adorable! The ponytail clip was the clincher though. LOL!

20160826071647 b42918d2 me

Rough crowd. Best steer clear. 😛

20160826071651 49852986 me

Funky group! They look awesome! (Ack, there’s so many games and anime I do not know!)

20160826071707 2f85f8f2 me

Death by cuteness? Heh heh.

20160826071711 0bb81e71 me

That is one sweet ride! 🙂

20160826071714 3409e1ba me

Don’t make her angry now!

20160826071718 d970cbea me

They look rather dapper, don’t they? Nice!

20160826071737 a8ae7d51 me

A gaggle of Mario princesses. Hmmm.

20160826071740 d1289c71 me

The Monkey King! He looked fabulous!

20160826071744 226ef665 me

And look at that hat!

20160826071752 db0c7aa5 me

The StarFox Crew!

20160826071812 2dd14ca0 me


20160826071816 1773d75b me

The Gravity Falls crew! Sweet!

20160826071819 855f5ad0 me

That ax is gorgeous!

20160826071823 fbb6577c me

And look at those ears!

20160826071837 099deb92 me

They came out fantastic! Just recently saw the video they are based on. Amazing!

20160826071840 c3ba594f me

The Full Metal Alchemist crew! Nice!

People and their creativity are just amazing!