Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
Mission 1

20161009074536 9e85de90 me

The detail with the new graphics card is awesome! Shot from the hotel and the impending sand storm coming our way. Eek!

20161009074538 8afc79b4 me

Cool wall graphic inside the hotel. I so love the little details!

20161009074541 223bcff9 me

Hallway in the suites floor. This place would have been gorgeous!

20161009074543 0909ccc6 me

View from one of the suite’s windows. That storm is almost here!

20161009074546 25270f4a me

About to start the final phase of the mission. Look at those colors!

20161009074548 8b94392d me

Bad guys are coming in with their shipment of weapons.

20161009074554 8afaa929 me

Love my scope. Heh heh.

20161009074556 109a5389 me

Never even saw this bit the first time around I had so many problems with the video. After shutting down the helicopter this happened! (That is one mean and powerful sandstorm!)

Hope you have a fabulous Sunday!