Final Fantasy XIV
La Noscea
God’s Grip

20161106060357 ec079504 me

Desolate looking, isn’t it?

20161106060400 9f940a76 me

A new mission!

20161106060402 646e6d0b me

My mismatched armor. lol

20161106060404 67e8d639 me

Look at that view!

20161106060406 e0acc7ef me

It’s like we’ve gone to West World. 😛

20161106060409 4fd10cb3 me

Nice symbols! The town is inside a small cave system. Easy to get lost even though it’s not that big! 😛

20161106060411 10b7dd46 me

Head honcho of this desolate place.

20161106060413 6b294d51 me

Small little garden inside the town.

20161106060415 06ee3967 me

Eerie looking. Has no bottom.

20161106060418 8a555c17 me

Meeting my evil boyfriend one last time. The mystery of why he is like he is is revealed! Poor sod.

Have a beautiful Sunday!