Happy New Year, ya’ll!

Happy New Year

Deus Ex Mankind Divided

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Fountain area near one of the smaller train stations in Prague. Old and new mixed together.

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Check out those tattoos!

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Throughout the game, you will find electronic newspapers. Gives you a peek at how some stories are getting spun and what’s going on around the world. 😛

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The Time Machine is an antique book store. It’s sad to see what the hoodlums did to it. 🙁

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Hidden lab and hiding place for the guy who can fix my augmentations. Black market service.

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The master himself. A little weird, but knows his stuff. 🙂

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Augmentation screen. All the blurred ones are augs Jensen did not know where in there. Someone has been messing with his body without consent… Again! (Poor guy)

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Cool 3D image, no?

20170101075137 aa044b21 me

Garden in the sewers of an underground cult. These poor people are brainwashed by continuous bombardment into their heads. 🙁

20170101075140 2c1552f4 meAnother section of the place.

Hope 2017 brings you lots of joy!