Year End work stuff has been messing up my schedule. Flip-flopping Texas weather has been messing up my sinuses. Between the two, I can’t get blog stuff done. Waaahhhh!

Dues Ex: Mankind Divided

20170122064843 600f3fc8 me

The leader of the underground cult and a total brainwasher. He’s excellent at it.

20170122064845 47a5908d me

He’s messing with my mind! I don’t entirely succumb, but it affects me plenty.

20170122064848 fd43757b me

A podium with a microphone so his people can speak with him, except it’s not plugged in. He’s a nasty piece of work! lol. Need to get my inside’s fixed before I tackle the rest of this one.

20170122064851 8bff94b0 me

Subway station. Love the movie poster. Hah! The place is segregated between naturals and augmented zones.

20170122064854 5dbf4178 meInside the subway car/tram.  The sequence made me woozy, so every time I got on, I had to look somewhere else for a minute. Wheee!

20170122064859 2cc56067 me

Station on the other end. There are four or five locations you will take the subway to get to. Each is slightly different. This angle is from the Aug side of the station.

20170122064901 e93d175f me

One thing I love about this game is all the awesome detail. Even the drink dispensers take sides. lol.

20170122064904 a06adb7c me

Outside the station. Gorgeous and so modern!

20170122064906 2c64c658 me

The plaque is about the incident resulting during the end phase of the previous game. It truly messed up the world. But could have been so much worse!

20170122064908 deb9ee8d me

Totally loved this 3D ad for the store Tech Noir.

Have a great Sunday!