Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day!

Dishonored 2

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View from the top of the sanctuary building on the small island outside the city.

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Isn’t that gorgeous?!

20170514074200 fbc7baae me

Odd looking flower, no?

20170514074203 5137cc01 me

Maintenance man – he’s seen things they are trying to keep quiet.

20170514074205 a732a309 me

Love those windows!

20170514074208 82edb646 me

Bad things have happened here…

20170514074210 0bee68b7 me

The poor man has been experimented on. He has a lot of answers.

20170514074212 b8d65031 me

A shutter in the kitchen close to the water. This way leads to a partially sunken boat and some goodies.

20170514074215 4b55058f me

Disquieting view

20170514074217 7ea397e6 me

A storm is coming.

Have an awesome Sunday!