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Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter

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View of the grounds and clubhouse of the archeological society.

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Some giant carved rocks appropriated for the club grounds. πŸ˜›

20170528070130 11552683 me

Scotland Yard – didn’t change from the last game, which made the new Sherlock and Watson stand out in my mind. πŸ˜›

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Inside the archeological society’s clubhouse. It’s a neat place!

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Some of the items donated by the members.

20170528070139 2965855f me

Long cross view of the clubhouse.

20170528070142 c8816ede me

London’s sky in the morning.

20170528070145 6afaf9fa me

Steelworks factory for fences and statues. Also a giant puzzle on how to get into the owner’s office!

20170528070148 e0440a9c me

An unusual bedroom belonging to one of the suspects.

20170528070151 1f5ac2e3 me

Loved this thing!!!!! Β A world map made of metal. Once the final piece is placed, it opens a hidden chamber inside. So cool! (Pic caught it in mid opening. :))

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