Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father's Day!


Sadly, I am going to have to quit playing this gorgeous game. 🙁 I don’t know the exact reason, but every time I play it I get ill. No baud rate settings, so can’t tweak that. The visual range didn’t seem to make a difference. This is not the type of game you can play in 10 minutes bursts either. Waaaaahhhh!!!!

20170618065305 5bd4257b me

Finally made it up to a higher area ledge I could not reach before. 😛

20170618065308 2df8a869 me

Such a cool and eerie landscape.

20170618065311 82ae0015 me

High above all others! Bwahahaha!

20170618065315 16858c48 me

I found an odd device. What it does, I was not expecting!

20170618065318 dbf6c976 me

Middle of doing what it does. Freaky!

20170618065321 4881547d me

It’s a transporter, but not as you’d expect. Same spot, just different reality? I just went from desert scape to lush jungle.

20170618065324 a66f1d94 me

I still see the signs I do in the other dimension/location/possibility?

20170618065327 84d7fd39 me

Plants, moss, flowers, and more.

20170618065330 dffb0efc me

The path leads to this gate. Can see tantalizing things beyond but can’t get in!

20170618065333 3121edd4 me

The transport device glows a different color from this end. So neat!


May all the Dad’s out there have a fabulous Father’s Day!