July has been catastrophic with regards to getting stuff done. Quarter Ends at work are just brutal. Didn’t help we had some major projects due and a hierarchy system conversion all at the same time! Wheee!

Secret World Legends

I remembered to lighten the pics before I uploaded them to the photo albums this time. The game is at times very dark and the details I might see while playing, are not so visible in the screenshots. Doh!

For example, this guy looked normal on last week’s pic. But look at him now!

Dragon Cabal Emissary

He has some super cool tats! 😛

We’re still in the newbie intro phase. Here we’re about to get a glimpse of the trouble out in the world before I meet with the actual leaders of the Cabal.

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The lady from last week has somehow sent my soul/entity into the body of another. This is where I woke up.

20170723072616 40109e75 meThese are the manner of creatures we have to deal with. It’s more than just undead.

20170723072619 7bad1ca7 me

People from other Cabals. Uniting in the trenches to fight. The Illuminati, the Templars, the Dragons. They are just the top three organizations.

20170723072621 71aff368 me

Together we’re trying to get out of the subway up to the streets. Lots of weird nastiness all over.

20170723072624 7b658070 me

Definitely not in Kansas anymore!

20170723072626 4044cc18 me

She is the person I am currently inhabiting in this place. She was dead before I arrived to use her shell.

20170723072628 6da3ed99 me

I leave her as I found her. (Not that I had control in any of it.) What manner of things are making into our realm from rifts like these?

20170723072631 464f8cc5 me

Dragon HQ in Seoul Korea. Gorgeous!

20170723072633 19ff86ed me

This is the leader of the Cabal. He did not speak. Letting the woman beside him do it for him.

20170723072635 59e594e8 me

She explains how the Dragons believe in controlled chaos.


One curious thing. My character never talks. She only listens. People tell her all sorts of things. Between the great voice acting and the weird characters, it’s always fun to listen to all they have to say. 🙂

Hope you have had a restful weekend!