Haven’t been able to do movie reviews the last few weeks. Just too darn busy! Figured I’d do a few quickies for the ones I have seen recently, then get on with the virtual tourist. πŸ˜›

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets – 95% gorgeous and quirky, 5% giant plot holes. πŸ™

Dunkirk – decent film but could have been great! Not once did it look like 400,000 people on the beach or thousands of small boats. With CGI anymore, there was no excuse. Time issues as well. And the added noise to the soundtrack? Horrible! No blood either. Like war movies in the 40’s. Weird and disappointing. πŸ™

Atomic Blonde – Awesome fight scenes. The plot was contrived, and even hubby left feeling blah about it when it was over. Said it was only worth matinee. πŸ™


Secret World Legends

Since my screenshots of the character screen wouldn’t take, I found a different way to take a selfie. Bwahahahaha!

20170730064927 0002ffad me

My poor unsuspecting character in the game. πŸ˜›

20170730064929 bcfcfe0e me

Dragon Cabal’s leader is the child sitting in the chair. The lady next to him is his mouthpiece.

20170730064931 0da36ee3 me

Entrance building to get to the portal to Agartha.

20170730064934 f6a7c5e2 me

The little floating square that looks like a honeycomb is very important. You will find them all over the place, many in hard to spot locations. They give you lore and legends which will help with your personal museum of the bizarre. Since you were given your powers by a bee, this seemed apt. πŸ™‚

20170730064937 1ef1b90a me

A closeup view of the portal itself.

20170730064939 cdc65d0b me

Behind me, you can see where I just came from. Now I am in Agartha. A different dimension with a giant life tree.

20170730064944 39537ea3 me

Guardians of the tree – so steampunk. Love it! The gentleman with them introduces us to the place.

20170730064946 f40a1b31 me

A higher view of the zone. The little lit round objects boost you up to the central tree area or take you to other portals out.

20170730064948 4ce2cadc me

A reallyΒ neat place, no?

20170730064951 c7d13752 me

This players jetpack is a movement boost item you can buy. Weird looking!

20170730064953 d89480f1 me

Inside the central tree trunk.

Hope your weekend has been fruitful and fun!