Yep, I fell off the face of the Earth again. 🙁 Peeps who go to conventions know I’m alive, but online wise, I’ve somewhat disappeared. Too much stuff going on in RL both in and out of work. Ugh!

Movie – Blade Runner 2049 – a gorgeous film with a so-so script. It’s been 30+ years, everything would NOT look the same. Fashion and objects would have changed. And if you have a set of replicants that must obey commands, why would you give them an apartment and pay them? But it was pretty!


Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

20171008061709 3b8a9eb5 meSuch a lovely culdesac, no?

20171008061711 4a44bead meCozy little bedroom. Lots of unique touches.

20171008061713 2353c14e meThe kid fishing in the fountain is so cute! Though this fountain obviously needs some maintenance love. Poor thing.

20171008061716 d56d3bc6 meUhm, no, nothing creepy about this place. lol.

20171008061718 5d30c111 meOh, how awesome is that! Lovely plane.

20171008061720 3dcbe8dc me Hidden launch pad. Definitely no neighbors!

20171008061722 576683bf meDo love this machine. So cool!

20171008061724 15496ba7 me

The pilot of said craft. He’s taken some definite damage for the cause.

20171008061727 5411f629 meThe boss is still acting a little shifty and is on my radar.


Let’s keep all the people in Puerto Rico, Mexico, California, Las Vegas, and more in our thoughts and prayers. It’s been a rough couple of months for a lot of people out there!