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Mini- Movie Review – Geostorm – impressive special effects, bad science, and guys, the software would have been the first thing they should have checked!!!!! 😛

Wolfenstein The New Order

20171029061026 ccdc9353 me

Inside the citadel walls heading towards the big guns

20171029061027 ffa32554 me

US fighters and the cool German ones. Flying too fast to get a good pic. See the red trails? That’s one of them.

20171029061029 2fe5fa37 me

Good view of the hulking behemoth walking the beach and US craft coming to battle it.

20171029061031 dab029cb meFortress/castle within the citadel walls.

20171029061033 4da66524 me

Met up with my unit. We’re about to try to climb the thing from the outside.

20171029061035 86914082 me

Our main target, General Deathhead. Nasty, nasty man. As I will find out later. Ugh!

20171029061037 d09aa013 me

That’s William Blazkowicz, the person we play. He is one tough SOB.

20171029061038 32ba7043 me

Going up the wall. Like Batman and Robin! Except it’s way more dangerous. 😛

20171029061040 b9c6cca4 me

View climbing up the side of the wall of the fortress/castle. Germans will pop out the windows and fire down on us. Ugh!

20171029061042 dc521ddf me

This was so unexpected! US bomber crashed into the fortress sight above us! Eek!


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