Good morning!

Let’s see if I can pull this off. This will be the first time I am doing a virtual tourist right from the newsletter rather than the blog. Should be interesting! 😛

Also, since I tend to take a LOT of pics, I’m uploading more than what you see each session and trying to pick the best ones to share. So if you want to see the ones I do not end up sharing, you can check them out here

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A gorgeous view of the Nile and far off pyramids.

20201206081723 34e10e58 me

Pyramids! So much sand…


Crocodiles are huge! He looks dead, but nooooo.


All the varied landscapes of Egypt. Such great work.


The cultivated zone meets the desert. 

20201206081743 6fb63814 me

This is a cruel way to get rid of someone.  There will be payback. 😛

20201206081747 52421ea2 me

The Letopolis – it’s a huge compound. 

20201206081751 9c66368a me

In the Aegean Coast – Mount Vesuvius! (Of Pompeii fame) – this ship battle is not with Bayek but from the perspective of his wife. (Taking pics mid-combat is hard! Lol)

20201206081759 b7163e8a me

This pic has a little bit of everything. I do so love all the details!

20201206081813 e578382c me

The Sphinx! They make fun here – Bayek telling himself he thought it would be bigger. 😛

Mini Movie Reviews! 



4.25 out of 5 Stars

The film was super cute! Loads of content for adults. The further the film went, the more fun I had. Banana Bros and Thunder Sisters had me rolling. At first, the film moves in a predictable direction but then takes a wild turn. Totally worth seeing. 

Hubby’s Rating: Worth Full Price of Admission