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News/Musings Virtual Tourist – Assassin’s Creed Odyssey
Strong Women – Strange Worlds Year-End Party!


If you celebrate it, I hope you and your family had a great Thanksgiving!

Temperatures have been dipping the last week or two and hubby is playing Christmas music like mad.

How weird is it that 2021 is almost over? 😱


Hubby’s kidney stone journey continues. The sucker has yet to come out. He’s been feeling good, but he wants it OUT! If it has not moved much by the time of his next appointment, he may have to have outpatient surgery. With a scope and laser, they will follow the route the kidney stone is following and shoot it to pieces. Eek!

As I mentioned in the email last week, Jacques – A Daiyu Wu Mystery Prequel Short Story is now available at Amazon. Since I put it in the KDP Select, anyone with a Kindle Unlimited subscription can read it through there.

In 90 days, it will be available at all the other ebook retailers. Huzzah!

There will be no StoryOrigin or Books for Reviews this time around. The peeps I submitted to do trades with using the StoryOrigin setup did not Accept/Deny the requests, so no extra stuff from them this time around.

Jacques - A Daiyu Wu Mystery Prequel Short Story

Jacques - A Daiyu Wu Mystery Prequel Short Story

New Release!

How many times can a boy lose his home?

When Jacques is transferred to the Buckners Orphans’ Home in 1916 at the age of six, he hopes this will be a place to belong. But a crafty bully named Gary has other plans. Plans that drive Jacques away from the orphanage and to try his luck on the Dallas’ streets.

He’s befriended there by Emmett—a young pickpocket who’s escaped from his wire mob to make his way in the world alone. Things appear bright until Emmett’s past catches up with him. Jacques loses yet another home.

Creating a hidey-hole under a maintenance shed in Dallas City Park, Jacques has few options. But when he gets curious about the odd family that only visits the park during the weekdays, he’s about to reach a new crossroads. He will experience a final strange encounter that will change the rest of his life and perhaps give him what he’d been searching for all along. If he is brave enough to take the first step.

Origin/Prequel short story for Black Jade – A Daiyu Wu Mystery. Stand-alone fiction.

Extra stuff I’ve shoved in here:

1) Strong Women – Strange Worlds Year End Party!

Scroll on down to get all the deets. 😉


Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Shaking things up a bit with some pics from Assassin’s Creed – Odyssey.

All currently uploaded pics can be found here. Pics 21 to 45.

20211202114737 1577235f me

​The game really does have fabulous graphics. A giant statue of Zeus is in the background.

20211202114738 75e5342b me

A large variety of plants are shown in gorgeous detail. Love the open-walled building ahead.



20211202114741 855a7af3 me

The interior of a small temple to Poseidon.

20211202114742 c21411e4 me

A moonlit view of the Mediterranean Sea.

20211202114744 6521c016 me

​The game map—it is awesome that they did it with sea creatures and such, like you would see on a real map of the period.



20211202114746 71919c67 me

View of the coast from the air. Some sunken ruins can be seen on the left!


20211202114742 c21411e4 me

​A moonlit coast. Love the rock arch in the water.


20211202114758 2bd185df me

Waves, froth, even algae. It’s almost like being there. 🥰 That’s our ship – has a mainsail, rowers, archers, greek fire, and more. Like in Black Flag, there’s ship-to-ship combat and different skins for the ship itself.




Strong Women – Strange Worlds

​SWSW will be having a Year-End Event 🥳 on 12/12/21 from 12 to 6 PM EST. Get more info here. There will also be fun stuff on the days leading up to it! Should be fun! 🎉 Reserve your spot today!

I will be on one of the Speed Dating sessions (I think it will be the 2 PM EST one) and I am also sponsoring one of the Microfiction Contest days on Twitter12/06/21

Registration for the 12/12/21 event is Free! Pre-show fun Dec 3rd to the 11th with Microfiction contests on Twitter, party games on Facebook, and a prize bundle on a multi-day scavenger hunt! Woot!

Come join the fun!

Strong Women Strange Worlds Year End Party!

Have a great weekend! See you next time!