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Dow here in Texas, it has been hot, HOT, HOT! 🍳 I hope where ever you are it’s cooler than here! 😎


There are several items of note to mention this time around.

I finally received the proof for the Black Jade Hardback book. It came out NICE! I will add a pic or two so you can see it. I also did a quick video on it on TikTok.

Black Jade Hardcover Proof

The edits for the JOY of Murder are here! I’ve been busting buns for the last week+ to incorporate, edit, and fix whatever items needed tweaking. Now, I am working on formatting the multiple files for the ARCs. My editor, Elayne Morgan, deserves a ton of kudos. Life smacked her in the face, but she still came through. Thank you, Elayne! You rock!

Since items got delayed a little, I sent a pre-editing file to the cover artist, the fabulous Charles Bernard! The concept sketches have arrived! Anyone subscribed to the newsletter will be voting for their favorite concept. If you want in on this next time I have a cover, make sure to subscribe here.

I’ve also worked up an ARC cover for the JOY of Murder as a placeholder until I get the final cover flat. I wanted to be able to give reviewers a bigger time frame in which to get a chance to review it. The Arc Team will get first dibs, but then slots will be opened for newsletter subscribers. Yet another reason to subcribe to the newsletter. Bwahahaha! 

The picture of the ARC cover is below!

The JOY of Murder ARC Cover

Extra content today:

1) DTN Swap

2) Out of the Past Group Promo

3) Sci-Fi Adventures Group Promo

4) The Pets of Cozy Mysteries Group Promo


Scroll on down to get all the deets. 😉



DTN Swap 1

My name is Levi and I swear I didn’t kill her.

Sure, I was the only person found at the scene of the crime, and maybe her blood was literally on my hands, but I can explain all that. I’m a journalist writing for Kansas City’s magical community—it’s not that I’m nosey; digging around in other people’s business is my job. So when I suspected that a woman had been cursed, it’s only natural that I went to learn more.

I couldn’t have known she’d be dead before I arrived. Seriously, I write headlines about bridge trolls and solstice events, not murder.

The Wizard’s Council thinks I did it, and I’m going to have a hard time convincing them otherwise. Who are they going to believe, an autistic journalist with a smart mouth and a rap sheet, or the mountain of evidence I left behind when I fled the scene of the crime?

I have to solve the murder. The killer is still out there, ready to strike again so long as they aren’t caught. To crack the case with the Council on my tail, I’ll have to move fast, stay low, and find a way to cover my tracks.

If I can’t, the real killer will go free, and I’ll take the fall. I’ve been to the Council’s prison once and if I go back I know I’ll never make it out alive.

Lost Ark

I normally try to switch what game pics come from, but I lost my way this time around. DOH.

I’ve been to three continents now, each is unique from the others. Ships and sailing have also made an appearance. 😲

Pics currently uploaded can all be seen here.

20220519114919 c265363b me

A giant field of sunflowers as I hunt down an elusive tune. Also the sight of a portal.

20220519114922 63a69024 me

In this first major dungeon, the city/temple was entirely covered in water. As you clear a section and open the flood gates, more and more of the structures is revealed.

20220519114925 64bc85ac me

Entrance to a cemetery zone—riddles have brought me here on the search for the next Ark.

20220519114929 c365ec5f me

Demon Guardian – he’s been chasing me all the way up this tower. Water will get him out of my hair. Lol.

20220519114940 68f29cd4 me

The demon generals. Kharmine “works’ under them.

20220519114943 f1dc8c74 me

The Joker seems to be moonlighting. Heh heh heh. Poor Batman.

20220519114944 389be7d5 me

One of the boss demons Kharmine is planning to use as stepping stones in his quest for power.

20220519114957 e50f07c7 me

​I loved how they did this. These are tons to hundreds of portals all opening at once to spew out the demon hordes. It’s the type of scene where no matter how powerful you might be, will make you call for your mommy. 🤣 Talk about a way to demoralize the troops! And these guys were holding on by a thread before this. Mommy!

Out of the Past Group Promo Banner

Out of the Past…and Onto the Page – grab some historical fiction!

Sci-Fi Adventures Group Promo Banner
The Pets of Cozy Mysteries Group Promo Banner

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