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Cross-eyed Dragon Troubles

Cross-eyed Dragon Troubles

A new life she doesn’t want. A confusing world to explore. Will she find her way with the help of a mysterious boy and his great beast?

Talia has no clue about her future. Unable to pick an apprenticeship in her beloved village, the uncertain fifteen-year-old is dismayed when her parents spend precious money sending her to a far-off magic school. Not knowing what to expect, she watches in horrified amazement as a young man and his dragon fall from the sky and claim they’re her transport.

As Talia arrives at the institution only to be left to figure things out on her own, she learns the squire and his scaly companion are infamous for failing to complete their bond. And as she grows closer to the strange duo, the inexperienced teen plunges into the middle of chaos, explosive misunderstandings, and a life-altering secret.

Will finally discovering her place lead to danger, or a home she never imagined?

Cross-eyed Dragon Troubles is a lively YA fantasy novel. If you like curious heroines, unlikely pairings, and magical mayhem, then you’ll love Gloria Oliver’s heartwarming adventure.

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