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Alien Redemption

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If you like first contact stories, this is one for the ages.
Jon Strother


What if the savior was the one who needed saving?

All Claudia wanted to do was escape the mistakes of the past and start over. But when she answers an ad for a medical officer on a merchant ship in the Fringes, the captain recognizes her and blackmails her into taking the job.

The Holiday’s Captain Bennet is amoral and has a short fuse. Claudia steers clear of him as much as possible while trying to care for the crew he lashes out on. Then the rumors start that their latest mission is to a location Bennet won’t even share with the pilot.

The secret coordinates take the ship and crew to an uncharted system in the Fringes. To a planet that holds intelligent life, and despite the odds, also a humanoid one.

Bennet plans to use these aliens to climb up the power ladder at the borders of the Dominion. Even if it means placing the Avians into brutal servitude for the rest of their lives.

Can Claudia stop the impending exploitation of this newly discovered sentient species all on her own? Or is there a worse fate than blackmail waiting for her if she tries?


ISBN: 978-1612714141 (Trade Paperback), 978-1612714165 (eBook)


Published by Zumaya Publications.

Zumaya Publications - Otherworlds Imprint

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Alien Redemption
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What if the savior was the one who needed saving?


Author: Gloria Oliver

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