Picture Kaleidoscope – AllCon 2016

This past weekend we were at ALLCon 2016!

Energizer bunny!

New setup we tried out for AllCon. Have an extra side table to give us more room. 🙂

Not your typical caped crusaders. 😛

Umbrella Corp Security – Japan branch. They mean business! 😛

Who said skeletons can’t be cool? 🙂

Clockwork woman! You can see her gears! Eek!

Steampunk Scottish Soldier. He looks swank!

They look serious! (Can’t for the life of me remember the character’s name. Wah!)

The Light and Dark sides of the Force.

She is so CUTE!

Daughter came up with this during the con. Came out Fab! Deadpool Chainmail Dice Bag. 🙂

Xavier and Cerebro – sweet!

Mrs. Frizzle and friend! From the Magic School Bus!

We finally remembered the pixie lights to add to the chainmail sphere. I think it looks like the Deathstar now. 🙂

A gaggle of Disney Villains! No one is safe!

Have a great one!


AllCon Dallas 3/17-3/20/16

This upcoming Thursday through Sunday ChibiChains and I will be at AllCon!

AllCon Dallas

Here’s a little info on what AllCon is about:

Imagine a 4-day festival where a person could sample and participate in the finest content that many different communities and conventions have to offer. All-Con fills the entire venue with exhibits, workshops, discussions, game shows, performances, and competitions. The selection of activities changes every hour from the start of the day until 2:00 a.m. on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights and until 4:00 p.m. on Sunday.

All-Con offers the core structure expected of most conventions. The vendor room and exhibit halls have 80 booths and tables.

With over 300 different choices to offer in one weekend, All-Con has a set of headlining features around which the convention is constructed each year. Thursday is our free day, open to the public. The traditional Cosplay competition and Rocky Horror Picture Show shadow casting performance are Friday. Saturday has a ball jointed doll mini-con, Ms. Star Wars pageant, Maid contest, Texas Hold’em poker tournament, Costume contest, professional burlesque performance, and a themed dance. Sunday’s signature is an overall super hero theme, ending with the Super Hero Sunday competition.

The rest of the two hundred and ninety-plus events are a combination of All-Con supplied content (like our many game shows throughout the weekend), performances hired by the convention, and a recipe of the best community run features that change year-to-year.

Featured guests this year are:

Brian Muir (created Darth Vader’s original armor from Ralph McQuarrie’s concept sketches)
Gigi Edgley (Chiana from Farscape)
Paul Blake (Greedo from Star Wars: A New Hope)
Chuck Huber (Dr. McCoy on Star Trek Continues and voice actor for SyFy and Cartoon Network)
Tim Lawrence (Ghostbusters I & II; puppeteer and modeler; Academy Awarded team member)
Russ Adams (Jim Henson’s Creature Shop)
Neil Kaplan (Optimus Prime and hundreds more animated characters)
Michael H. Price (Founding President of Fort Worth Film Festival and owner and lead author of the longest-running film-study franchise in commercial publishing)
Marshall Barnes (global leader in time transverse technology application and currently speaking on real world mechanics for a functioning warp drive)
Payton Schmall (Cosplay Guest of honor)
Jessica Van Braun (Artist Guest of Honor)
Damsels of Dorkington (Performance Guests celebrating their 2016 reunion!)

You can get the full scoop at All-Con.org.

Hope to see you all there!

ConDFW 2/12-2/14/16 – Schedule!

Morning, all!

This weekend is ConDFW!

I’d meant to put up my schedule earlier, but life has been pure chaos lately. DOH!


PROGRAMMING 2 (MADISON) Friday, 3pm: Google Maps is Your Urban Fantasy Guide Panelists: Gloria Oliver (M), Seanan McGuire, Paul Black, Sue Sinor, Bradley H. Sinor Looking for a good location, and can’t remember clearly where you grew up?  Trying to figure out how long it takes to drive from Houston to Dallas when you’re riding the Great Hunt?  It’s amazing what technology can show you these days, and learning a neighborhood can be a little safer if you browse from the computer (at least at the beginning).  Our writers talk about finding the perfect location for their urban fantasy stories.


READING (ADAMS) Saturday, 12pm: Gloria Oliver, T. M. Hunter

MAIN PROGRAMMING (JEFFERSON) Saturday, 4pm: Magic vs Technology II: Exploring Technology in Urban Fantasy Panelists: Gloria Oliver (M), Seanan McGuire, Carole Nelson Douglas, P.N. Elrod, C. Dean Andersson, Mary Gearhart‐Gray Last year we looked at the effect of technology on magic in Urban Fantasy.  This year we flip the sides and look at how magic effects technology.  A perfect example of this is in the Dresden Files, where magic can actively destroy modern technology by being used nearby.  Does modern technology replace magic?   Can it coexist?  How modern should tech be so it isn’t mistaken as magic itself?  Our authors explore this knotty problem with SCIENCE!

PROGRAMMING 3 (HAMILTON) Saturday, 5pm: Where do Heroes Go to Die? Panelists: Tracy S. Morris (M), Barbara Ann Wright, Patrice Sarath, Gloria Oliver, Michelle Muenzler Last year we heard that Arnold Schwarzenegger is doing Legend of Conan (eventually?  Maybe?  Now it looks like November 2016) as a direct sequel to the first Conan, where it ended with him being King, old and grizzled.  As a concept, the idea is neat, and is something that Howard dealt with in his original stories as well.  Just how do you write old heroes?  Our writers of sword and sorcery discuss these topics and more.


PROGRAMMING 2 (MADISON) Sunday, 1pm: Interstellar Archaeology: Part Two – The Debunking Panelists: Mel White (M), Chris Donahue, Gloria Oliver, Teresa Patterson, David Doub, Stina Leicht The second of two panels where we inflict discover startling artifacts of OBVIOUS alien origin.  Our experts tell us how wrong the previous esteemed panelists were!  Last year, Sunday’s panel thoroughly debunked Friday’s experts.  Help us, they can!  Confuse us, they will not.

Hope you come! I’ll also have a table in the Dealers Room. 🙂

SoonerCon 2015 Schedule!

Next week is SoonerCon!

And their final panel listing is complete.

So click away on the images to get all the deets!

As for my panels….

Time Room
3:00 pm Mann (Film/TV) Godzilla at 60 
As the longest-running movie series in history, Godzilla has been both a cult classic and mainstream hit. We discuss why Godzilla is still loved today.

5:00 pm Maynard (Writing) Vampires, Mummies, and Zombies: Why the Undead Fascinate Us
Panelists look at life, death, undeath and re-death

Time Room
10:00 am Ballroom D – Main Programming Koffee Klatch
Morning networking with convention guests.

2:00 pm Mann (Film/TV) The Doctor and His Companions: Helper or Hindrance
The companion has been called the “voice of the audience” and the “Doctor’s conscience.” Does the Doctor need a companion or can he explore time and space on his own?

3:00 pm Ballroom A (Media/Science) Kaiju, Unicorns, Bigfoot, and Dragons
What fantasy beasts and humanoids are plausible, and which are simply fiction? We take a practical look at supernatural creatures.

Time Room
11:00 am Mann (Film/TV) Declassifying Stargate
Balancing scientific and social advancement with the need for secrecy is a recurring theme in Stargate. Could an interstellar exploration program actually stay hidden from the public?

Should be awesome! Hope to see you there!

ArmadilloCon Schedule 7/25-7/27/14

ArmadilloCon has it going on!
They’ve already finalized their panel schedule.

Here’s my list of panels

Tree Creatures
Fri 4:00 PM-5:00 PM Room E
Wells*, Clarke, Oliver, Stanley
Ents, nymphs dryads and more. Discussion regarding the various kinds of tree creatures from myth and legend.

Do Werewolves Dream of Bloody Sheep
Fri 10:00 PM-11:00 PM Room F
de Orive*, Kimbriel, Oliver, Roberts, S. White
What are the beginnings of werewolves in fiction? How have they changed over the years?

Sat 10:00 AM-11:00 AM Southpark B

Sat 1:00 PM-2:00 PM Room E
Richerson*, Brown, Maresca, Oliver,
Discussion of Aztec mythology and why it isn’t used in more genre stories.

The Denisovans and Homo floresiensis
Sun 10:00 AM-11:00 AM Conference Center
Antell*, Mahoney, McKay, Oliver
New discoveries in DNA research. What are they and how many more are out there?

See you there!

Picture Kaleidoscope 11/6/13 – The Octopodicon Edition

Electronic device issues have somewhat messed up my schedule. Work (RL) isn’t helping much either! lol.

But this past weekend I took a couple of extra days off and slummed at Octopodicon!
Loads of neat things to see there.

The Embassy Suites had a lot of cool lamps and some neat architecture. Loved this one as it looked like an upside down sea anemone holding onto its top. 

Octopodicon trophies for various contests

Homemade miniature blimp

More cool hotel lamps

The Mushroom Peddler had some amazing figurines!

Aren’t they all just adorable?

Dreamers Leatherwork had amazing stuff done in leather and partially painted. He doesn’t have a website though. 🙁

Adorable figures for a game still in process of being created. Too cute!

I believe this gorgeous bracelet was from Steamer Trunk Treasure

Funky architecture in the hotel’s restaurant

Rie Sheridan Rose at her reading in the Scriptorium

Look closely at this hat. It’s an octopus! With Glowing eyes!

Here was her complete costume

Cool steampunk goodies

This hat tried to make me covet. Sadly a little outside my price range.
Cool statue in the hotel’s fountain in the lounge area

More cool costumes!

Liz in her Steampunk outfit. 

Another of Rie’s

Loved the triple depth and triple colors of the ceiling

Isn’t this cute????

Nice outfit!

You could pay to have your friends put in jail. Heh heh.
Gotta run!

My SoonerCon Schedule for 6/28-6/30/13

Yeah, no movie review today – sorry!
Life was too hectic to squeeze an extra one the last few weeks, or I’d have had ya’ll covered.

This weekend I will be a panelist and vendor at SoonerCon!

Loads of fun to be had there this weekend! Been looking forward to it.

Below is my panelist schedule:

Friday 2PM C Space – Diplomacy in Speculative Fiction:  Why isn’t everyone killing each other?

Friday 4PM Joyner – It Keeps Me Young:  Why YA Makes Great Reading For Adults


Saturday 10AM B Space – Science in the Victorian Age

Saturday 2PM F Space – Cinema So Far: 2013 in Fan Genre Films

Saturday 3PM Theater – Yard Dog Road Show! (Must be seen to be believed!)

Saturday 4PM F Space – Build A SyFy™ Saturday-Night Movie


Sunday 10AM 10 Forward – Koffee Klatch – schmoozing with the guests!

Sunday 11AM F Space – British Invasion: U.S. Television and the Union Jack (Eek! I’m the moderator!)

Sunday 2PM Rice – Reading – Yes! Come hear me stumble over my own dribble! Hah!

Sunday 3PM F Space – Tolkien’s Fantasies on the Silver Screen

I’m gonna be BUSY! 😛

Picture Kaleidoscope – AllCon 2013

This past weekend was AllCon!
So of course I had to take pics. 🙂

I LOVED this! Multi-generation Star Trek. 

Sebastian from Black Butler.

This guy made a great Colonel from the SF TV show who’s name I’ve yet to be able to recall. Loved that he had an led light in the tube to the Molotov cocktail to make it appear lit. 

Amazon Athena? She was all glittery! Mean looking spear too.

Loved this one too! Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians. Even to the frost on his hoodie. 

Cruella De Vil – she looked Fabulous!

Sand People!

Bucky! So cute..!

Sam and Dean Winchester! From the episode where they got sucked into the TV shows by the Trickster. These two did like 3 costume changes through the day (Couldn’t get pics! Wah!) In the Medical Show, regular civies, and in their CSI costumes with the sunglasses from the same episode. I thought I saw Bobby Singer join them later in the day. Heh heh.

Sith Cheerleaders! The 501st was in attendance doing all sorts of panels, games for the kids, and more!

Bjoran Hogh Priestess outfit. Photo does not do it justice. Wah!

Iron Man was also in the house! He had working lights on the hand gauntlets too. Several incarnations of Tony Stark running around.

Though Pan Am only lasted 1 season, it obviously made an impression on some peeps out there. She looked great!

Louis from the Vampire Lestat.

A little vampire action too!

Incredible detail on this costume! Photo does not do it justice.

Look at those wings!

Is this not the cutest outfit ever? There were a lot of dolls. I heard there was even a costume contest for the dolls. I saw several wiz by that were utterly amazing! One had multicolored feathers wings and another 3 foot span dragon wings. Wish I’d been able to get pics!

My Little Pony was also heavily represented. 

Ack, wish it had focused better. I couldn’t help but think of this as Star Wars ala The Wizard of OZ since the costume set up is in the same vein as the lion and the scarecrow. 
Yeah, I forgot to bring the good camera. It’s amazing how the phone camera can do awesome one minute and not so much the next. 😛

ConDFW 2/17-2/19 – Gloria’s Panel Schedule!

This weekend I’m out at ConDFW so no movie review. 🙁 Instead, I’ll post what I’ll be doing at the con! Heh heh.


Panel Room 3 – Canterbury
6pm – Creating the Scene: How to Set the Stage in a Play

Panelists: David Gray (M), Gloria Oliver, Anthony Brownrigg, Ethan Nahte, Julie Barrett, Sue Sinor

Continuing our series on playwriting, this panel is all about the scene.  There are many ways of setting the scene, from broody Narration to artful dialogue between the characters.  However, these tools can often be misused – the bad movies of Coleman Francis come to mind where the narrator would narrate a phone call that was happening on screen, rather than listening to the phone call itself!  Our expert playwrights seek to help clarify things, both on and off the stage.

Panel Room 3 – Canterbury
9pm – Yard Dog Press Road Show

Panelists: Selina Rosen, Ethan Nahte, Julia Mandala, Linda Donahue, Chris Donahue, Lou Antonelli, Melanie Fletcher, Bev Hale, William Ledbetter, Gloria Oliver, K. Hutson, Dusty Rainbolt, Rie Sheridan Rose, Frank Summers, Kathy Turski, Mel White

The fantastic authors of the Yard Dog Press put on their always entertaining Road Show!  Make sure not to miss this.


Panel Room 4 – Churchill
10am – The Aftermath of Harry Potter’s Legacy

Panelists: Aelle Ables (M), Bev Hale, Gloria Oliver, Katherine Kimbriel, Selina Rosen

Now that Harry Potter is officially over (or at least until the inevitable spinoffs happen), it’s time to deconstruct a literal decade.  What is the legacy of Harry Potter?  How has this series of 7 books and 8 movies impacted the Fantasy genre, the Young Adult genre and the rise of Urban Fantasy?  We gather together to mourn the passing of Dumbledore and celebrate the death of He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named for the last time.  (Maybe.)


12 pm – Gloria Oliver, Kathy Turski, Lee Martindale

Panel Room 1 – Warwick
2pm – Arming Tribbles – How to Arm Primitives Realistically

Panelists: William Ledbetter, Bill Fawcett (M), Mel White, Teresa Patterson, Gloria Oliver
In more and more books in the science fiction/alternate history genre, technologically superior humans encounter primitive aliens.  What do they do with them?  If they’re “good guys”, they invariably bring out the big guns, teach the aliens how to make flintlocks or cannons, and thus the “primitive” society is kicked screaming into the Gunpowder Age.  Is this right?  Ethical?  Our panelists discuss this and exactly what primitive societies could theoretically make in each era…if helped.


Panel Room 1 – Warwick
2pm – Apocalypse Later?  What will be Our Doom?

Panelists: Cherie Priest, Larry Atchley Jr., Linda Donahue (M), Selina Rosen, Gloria Oliver

With all the talk of Apocalypse this year (and the past few days), one thing hasn’t been covered.  What do our panelists think WILL destroy the world?  Let conspiracies abound, and if the government is watching I was never here.

Should be a fun time! Hope to see you there!

Picture Kaleidoscope 9/7/11 – ANimefest 2011

Took the camera this time so I ccould get decent pics of the costumes. Camera phone is just not up to this type of thing. 🙂

Love this guy’s Kamesenin-sama from Dragonball. Hee hee!

Rainbow pixie?

Awesome costume from Naruto.

I laughed so hard when I realized what this was. lol. Flat Deathstar. Had fighters and more pasted around it.

This costume was just jaw dropping. Even his feet were hoofed.

Castiel from Supernatural! He was very popular this year. Even saw a Sam and several Deans. Hee!

This costume was awesome just for the giant anchor alone!


Soul Eater peeps. So cool!

The detail on these ladies’s costumes were awesome.

Sick child. Had to get her Dad to come take her home. 🙁


Look at all those tails!

There were a lot of these candy corn horned peeps around but she had these really cool ears tacked on.

A very nice Darth Maul was in attendance.

Mine craft for the win!

MIB – he even had the red forget machine. (Dang, wish this hadn’t come out so blurry! Grrr)

And Officer Jenny!
Con was super busy and peeps seemed to have a good time. Yay!