Virtual Tourist – Seasons After Fall 10/13/19

Morning, all!

Fall seems to have officially arrived here in Texas. Weather flip-flopped, and we went from 100 down to the 70’s with one morning being a super chilly 54. But will it stay? 😛

Mini Movie Review

The Addams FamilyThe Addams Family – Super adorable and nostalgic film. Even better, they actually show when Morticia and Gomez got married and how Lurch became part of the family. Also, how they found their home. This helps build the neat two-mirror-sided plot of the film when, after 13 years of cutting themselves off from the world, the world pushes back in. The movie was a lot of fun. Rating: 3.5 out of 4 (Hubby’s Rating: Worth Full Price to See Again!) (No additional bits in the credits though.)

Virtual Tourist

Season After Fall

This is a super cute 2D game. Short duration (though I’ve not finished it yet), but super cute and something of a mystery.

Seasons After Fall - integration

I forgot to take any pictures of the energy seed into. DOH. This is where the energy seed (the player) gets integrated into a nearby fox. A young, mysterious voice is asking us to help it with a project.

Season After Fall

The integrated fox and seed. If you home in, you can see the fox’s eyes now glow. The area on the photo is where the energy seed came out. The four stones and the floor area seem to be all that remains of the ruins of the place.

Season After Fall

We’re heading off to the first guardian. I am to retrieve a piece from each one.

Seasons After Fall

A beautiful sea to look at on the way.

Seasons After Fall

There ate items to interact with to let you progress in certain areas. For this, you bark. This limb was coiled until you do so. Now I can make the jump! (Some things you run across look like something to use, but you can’t yet. There’s a reason for that. :P)

Seasons After Fall

Stone totems made by the first guardian. As you come near, their eyes light up. 

Season After Fall

The first guardian. Seems he sleeps a lot of the time. 😛

Seasons After Fall

When you get the shard and try to go back, you find you can’t get past a particular area. Something was said to you as a hint, and I was able to work it out. If you bark twice near the shard (it is an energy ball and floats – see the floating blue ball on the left?), the whole weather of the area changes to something else.  So we went from spring to winter! So you change the weather to affect things. A rather ingenious idea for a puzzle game. (The weird thing on the right previously looked like an empty, dead flower pod. Now it will gather and throw out a giant snowball, allowing me to reach the tree limb on the left!)

Seasons After Fall - Closed avenue

When I get close to our starting point, the way back towards the just visited guardian is closed.

Season After Fall - assimilation

Once we return to the temple ruins, the young voice has the seed assimilate the energy shard. Then we merge once more with the fox.

Have a great week!

Virtual Tourist – Tales of Berseria 8/18/19


Well, August has been a big cluster of crazy. Made it down for ArmadilloCon then ended up spending all weekend in the hotel room. The drive tortured my insides too much so I had no tolerance for sitting in the hotel chairs at all. 🙁

Poor hubby ended up getting a kidney stone for his birthday. We think it’s finally out. He was super miserable for the last two weeks! Ugh.

I’d really hoped to make Animefest, but had to cancel out. Did buy a fancy chair to try to make it, but the chair didn’t work out, so that was that. (I’m canceling out of Fencon as well. Makes me sad, but better than having to cancel while I am there. Hopefully, 2020 will see me back in full swing.)

It’s not helped that work has been insane. After a typical grueling quarter end that left no time for trying to prep, we’re now in July close.  This is the first month everything was done in BOLO, so a ton of changes to pre-existing data so it maps to the new structure had to be done. BOLO is something of a prima donna and tends to do whatever it wants. Has made for some late nights.

The old saying totally applies: When it rains, it pours. 😛

Mini Movie Review

Fast and Furious: Hobbs and Shaw

Fast and Furious: Hobbs & Shaw – This film was a lot of fun. It has tons of action, super cool effects, and even emotional issues the characters need to working through. The whole frenemies relationship between Hobbs and Shaw was amusing. They even threw some twists into that which worked very well. Stunts are over the top, which is an F&F staple, but nothing so glaring it pulls you from the story. My only nitpick was when the good guys seem to forget all about the scientist guy. But overall, this was a fun ride! (Three extra clips during the credits! So wait to the very end!) Rating: 3.75 out of 4 (Hubby’s rating: Worth Full Price to See Again)


Tales of Berseria

Tales of Berseria - flower field

Is this an idyllic spot or what? That sky is gorgeous!

Tales of Berseria - dungeon hallway

Inside an ancient temple. (If I remember correctly.) The blue things are monsters waiting to drop on you as you walk past. 

Tales of Berseria - inside the church

A main hallway in the Exorcists’ HQ.

Tales of Berseria - Group photo

Group photo! We’re still missing one member of the group at this stage. How she joins and what she’s supposed to be doing comes later. 😛

Tales of Berseria - magic barrier seal

A magic barrier to keep people out of this particular temple. Didn’t stop the group for long. 😛

Tales of Berseria - giant temple

The temple we’re trying to break into. The seal is so large, you can see it from here!

Tales of Berseria - inside the Earth pulse

Inside the Earth Pulse. Power zones somewhat like ley lines. 

Tale of Berseria - jungle temple

Once we escape from the Earth pulse, we ended up in another ancient temple. 

Tales of Berseria - outside the ancient temple

Area outside the temple. I got lost in this zone for a while. lol. 

Tales of Berseria - demon

A weaponsmith turned demon. Not a happy camper. 

Hope August is going a lot better for ya’ll than it has been for us! lol. 😛



Virtual Tourist – Witcher 3 2/17/19

My apologies for anyone who went/is at ConDFW looking for ChibiChains and myself and did not find us there. Unfortunately, I’m still having the issues that cropped up after surgery in November. I’d hoped the last set of meds would let me go to the con, but alas, it was not to be.

I can go out for a bit, but sitting up straight for 8+ hours and the driving itself would have taken too much out of me. I’d thought about doing it anyway, but my family talked me out of it.

I can’t wait for them to figure out what is causing the mess and they get rid of it!

Witcher 3

Witcher 3 - Elven guardian

One of the comic book style sections. Citri and her Elven protector.

Witcher 3 - following Swallows trail

Geralt and one of his sorceress friends, following Citri’s trail. They are about to enter deeper into a set of caves used by her elven protector.

Witcher 3 - message from the elf

Pre-recorded message for Citri from the mysterious elf.

Witcher 3 - dead end?

The pictures of the Swallow are the crumbs to follow. This one, however, appeared to be a dead end.

Witcher 3 - elven portal

In reality, it was a magic portal. (And yes, that is one ugly piece of armor Geralt is wearing. lol.)

Witcher 3 - elemental guardian

The elf left some security measures in place. The earth elemental on the floor was cool looking and nasty!

Witcher 3 - a member of the Wild Hunt

I brightened the image as much as I could. This is one of the members of the Wild Hunt. One of the elves searching for Citri for her elder blood.

Witcher 3 - magic chamber

Magic flames. Nothing bad could happen here. Right? 😛

Witcher 3 - the end of the elf cave

Exit from the mysterious elf’s cave. Citri was not there, but we learned a thing or two.

Witcher 3 - Geralt

He sure is pretty! 😛

Hope you had a good weekend!

ConDFW 2019 Programming

Greetings, all!

Next weekend the 2019 conventions begin! First up is ConDFW – Feb 15-17, 2019.

ConDFW 2019

Final programming schedule came out – so I wanted to share what panels I’ll be in. 🙂


Programming 2, 4 PM

It Was A Dark and Stormy Night Panelists: Julie Barrett (M), Michael Baldwin, Patricia Ferguson, Gloria Oliver, T. M. Hunter

Whether a classic noir or modern day mystery, the weather must usually need to be accounted for. If it rained, footsteps could be lost or found. If it snowed, evidence could be missed. Our panelists debate the weather and how it affects shots ringing out. Saturday


Programming 4, 1 PM

The mARTian Collaboration Panelists: Melia Dawn, Brad Foster, Frances May, Gloria Oliver, Mel White

They say if you ask a committee to design a horse, you’ll get a camel. Come see what happens when we team up artists and ask them to design a Martian, alien, or whatever the audience demands!

Programming 4, 4 PM

Fandom Pictionary Panelists: Melia Dawn, Brad Foster, Frances May, Gloria Oliver, Mel White Play

Pictionary or just watch as our artists compete. Come and see our artists face off against each other. Pictionary has never been this much fun!


Programming 2, 1 PM

What is Taboo in History? Panelists: Chris Donahue (M), Charlaine Harris, Melanie Fletcher, Gloria Oliver, Frances May

When we look back at history, there are always parts that are not for the squeamish. There are issues that are controversial, and then there are issues that just aren’t talked about in polite society. Where are the lines? Are there any lines? Why are you crossing any lines? Our panelists discuss these ideas and others. Warning: May get political and/or heated. Please keep all prejudices at the door.

Main Programming, 3 PM

Blending Steampunk Panelists: Tex Thompson (M), Larry Atchley Jr., Gloria Oliver

Using two or more genres together can make something really pop in the imagination. Whether it’s combining with Japanese culture in Jay Kristoff’s Lotus War series or combining with WWI era noir with Larry Correia’s Grimnoir series, blending steampunk with another genre can be very effective. Our panelists debate this and other topics.

Won’t you come and join the fun?

Virtual Tourist – GRIS 2/3/19

Morning, all!

I am still recuperating. There’s some inflammation the doctor is not sure why I have, so I get to do a couple of weeks of steroids. I hope this does the trick. So tired of not feeling normal. 😛


GRIS - Bird in Red

The bird is a recurring entity. Currently helpful, though later it gets hostile.

Hitching a ride

Here I am hitching a ride on the bird to go to a new area.

GRIS - Blue

We have arrived at the color Blue.

GRIS - Blue Forest

This is the forest in Blue. They do some really neat things in this zone as they merge wood and water elements.

GRIS - Waterfall tree

This is a waterfall tree. The shrub areas are made of water, though you can stand on them as if they were solid. It gets trippy as the cloak now has the power of turning us into a fish. You can swim up the thicker waterfall sections into the cube sections.

GRIS - fish!

That’s me in the middle. Take a look at the scary shadow in the back! Eek!

GRIS - Blue Statue

The girl statues are a major element and what the voyage is about.

GRIS - Blue full moon

Isn’t that a cool visual?

GRIS - Green

Now we are in Green. The farther we go the more complex things appear.

GRIS - Green and its beautiful flowers

Red, blue, yellow and now all sorts of colors appear. This section is gorgeous. Once we get the power to sing, we will make it even more so.

Have a gorgeous Sunday!

Happy Holidays 2018

Greetings to all!

I am still recuperating from gall bladder surgery, but I am slowly getting back to normal. I am hoping to get to a semi regular schedule again, soon!

But I did want to take a few minutes to wish all of you a very merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Stay safe, stay warm, and be happy!

Virtual Tourist – Deus Ex: Mankind Divided 1/22/17


Year End work stuff has been messing up my schedule. Flip-flopping Texas weather has been messing up my sinuses. Between the two, I can’t get blog stuff done. Waaahhhh!

Dues Ex: Mankind Divided

The leader of the underground cult and a total brainwasher. He’s excellent at it.

He’s messing with my mind! I don’t entirely succumb, but it affects me plenty.

A podium with a microphone so his people can speak with him, except it’s not plugged in. He’s a nasty piece of work! lol. Need to get my inside’s fixed before I tackle the rest of this one.

Subway station. Love the movie poster. Hah! The place is segregated between naturals and augmented zones.

Inside the subway car/tram.  The sequence made me woozy, so every time I got on, I had to look somewhere else for a minute. Wheee!

Station on the other end. There are four or five locations you will take the subway to get to. Each is slightly different. This angle is from the Aug side of the station.

One thing I love about this game is all the awesome detail. Even the drink dispensers take sides. lol.

Outside the station. Gorgeous and so modern!

The plaque is about the incident resulting during the end phase of the previous game. It truly messed up the world. But could have been so much worse!

Totally loved this 3D ad for the store Tech Noir.

Have a great Sunday!

Virtual Tourists – Dishonored 2 12/4/16


Hubby was sick during the Thanksgiving holiday so I detoxed from all the overtime and stress at work with Deus Ex. 😛 Hubby though had already purchased Dishonored 2 for both of us, so I started it this weekend. (He’s already finished both!)

Dishonored 2

Spiffy loading screen. Dishonored 2 is set 15 years after the first game. You also end up with the choice of playing Corvo again or his daughter Emily.

Tutorial Section

Whales are still very much a strong motif in the game. 😛 The tutorial is from Emily’s POV as she’s being trained by Corvo. Emily is a bit of a whiner. lol.

Whales are still in all their decorating! lol.

The art for the city is lovely. Great attention to detail.

That is one gruesome whale. Look at those teeth!

Game Beginning

Emily and Corvo are about to enter the main hall at Dunwall tower. It is the 15th Anniversary of Emily’s mother’s assassination. The prior empress.

The people are still rather rough looking. lol. That’s Corvo’s profile on the left. He’s Emily’s Protector as he was for her mother.

The party pooper – Delilah. An unseen yet major player in the first game. Thought we were done with her, but somehow she’s managed to come back. And so the troubles begin.

She has some major sorcery going on. Since I chose to play Emily, she’s wrapping Corvo up in a stone skin.

A piece of artwork in the tower. Time for me to make my escape.

Have a lovely Sunday!

Virtual Tourist – Final Fantasy XIV 11/1/15

Half asleep this morning…

New Gridania

Looks so real, doesn’t it?

I do love the architecture. So cute!

This is inside the Carpenters Guild. I got a visit from one of our Free Company (player guild) peeps. In FFXIV you can have multiple skills in player types, gathering, and crafting. You compile different clothes/armor sets for those classes and can save each individually. A very cool thing, but one I didn’t know about when she did this! lol.

Showing off all her classes! (Took me a minute to realize what was up! lol)

Fashion show of skills?

Very impressive, to be sure!

Adorable armor.

This is also armor I’d seen during one of the main storyline flashbacks.

Too cute! And generous too! Gave me some crafting money. 🙂

Gotta go!

Halloween Treat: Appeasement – A Japanese ghost story



— prequel story to “In the Service of Samurai”. A young Ietsugu learns that the stories about the supernatural are real. 

“Asaka-sama, we have been beset by the foulest of demons and nothing we do will rid us of it.” The prostrated villager quivered from head to foot on the tatami floor. “Please, we are unworthy but would beg for your help!”
Ietsugu’s heart raced at the statement, though he maintained his features as schooled as possible. He threw a glance at his father, the lord of the area, to see how he took the entreaty. The lined, square face appeared as calm and impassive as ever. Ietsugu hoped one day he too could keep his emotions so well hidden. Though he practiced, he still found the skill difficult to master.
The dire words hung in the air making a strange contrast with the warm sunlight and the soft morning breeze coming through the open sliding doors. Charms hanging from the rafters outside clinked occasionally, adding to the diversity.
After several long moments, Ietsugu’s father finally spoke. “What do you think, my son?”
Ietsugu frowned down at the villager, though inside his pulse raced faster still. “Send me to investigate this for you, Father.” He tried to sound sure and commanding, as a strong vassal should. “I will assess whether there’s truly a need and correct it. Or, if the villagers are only making excuses not to pay their tribute, take steps.” In the few years he’d studied at his father’s side, this wouldn’t be the first time a village tried to weasel out of their obligations.
The villager clapped his hands together in supplication. “Truly, lords, our trouble is real!”
“So we’ve heard.” His father turned toward him. “Go and seek the truth, my son. Take Mitsuo-san with you and whatever provisions you think you might need. I will also have some ofuda prepared in case the supernatural is truly involved.”
Ietsugu bowed, hidden excitement rising in his chest. “Thank you, father.”
“You won’t regret this, young lord. The village will be very grateful for your help.” The villager named Taka flashed him a smile, urging his mare to move forward.
Their destination lay nestled in the mountains two days ride from Lord Asaka’s seat. As a man of sixteen, this would be Ietsugu’s first foray in service to his father. Something he hoped to be able to do frequently. While the intricacies or rule fascinated him, he also wanted to get to know the land he would oversee one day as well.
He refused to look behind him as they left the small city, not wanting to mar the excitement of his leave taking with a flood of wistful emotion.
Taka turned out to be a knowledgeable guide, chattering about plants, the best waterfall views, and the local deities. Time passed quickly.
“How much farther, Taka-san?” Ietsugu said.
“We will be there by nightfall, Asaka-sama.” Taka tried to bow though he was seated on the old mare.
The side of the mountain was steep, but zigzagging paths of steps made with dirt and logs made the way easy enough for men and horses.
At random spots, Ietsugu spotted rock statues or small shrines erected for the worship of the local kami, or spirits. Moss made a carpet of green and red across the land and rocks, with maples and oaks providing welcomed shade. The shrill sound of cicadas and the chirping of birds kept them company.
As the sun lit the horizon in flaming colors, the path widened and opened to a cleared area. A covered well sat in the middle, surrounded by twelve family homes with thatched roofs.
Beyond the small village, Ietsugu caught a glimpse of a cultivated mountainside, terraced with rice fields. The maturing shoots waved in the breeze.
A high squeal from a naked four year old trumpeted their arrival. Surprised faces peeked out of doorways, some pale with fear.
Upon seeing Taka astride the mare, the villagers brightened and flooded out to greet them. Almost as one, they bowed low as soon as they spotted Ietsugu and his teacher.
A stocky man with gray in his black hair stepped forward wearing a fudoshi and haramaki to cover his privates and midriff, a simple brown linen short coat draped on his shoulders.
Taka dropped from his horse and bowing to Ietsugu hurried to make introductions. “Asaka-sama, this is our village leader, Gendou-san.”
“We are so pleased to see you here, sir.”
Ietsugu dismounted and nodded, following it with the slightest of bows. “I only hope to serve.” He turned eagerly toward his companion. “This is Mitsuo-san, my father’s vassal and my teacher. He speaks with my voice.”
Everyone bowed again as Mitsuo came forward, his misshapen, stooped form making him appear short and weak — an assumption far from the mark.
“Please accept the humble hospitality of my family,” Gendou said, bowing again. “You and your companion can rest in my unworthy home for the length of your stay. You shall have total privacy. Please make your needs known and they will be seen to immediately.” The older man turned and shooed the villagers from before him to open a path back toward his home. Several of the men were instructed to take responsibility for the horses and supplies.
Whispers, stares, and nods trickled after them as Ietsugu, Mitsuo, and Taka followed.
The chief’s home resembled the others except for a broad porch in front proceeded by a set of steps. The interior of the house was a single, wide room with a square hole in the center, housing a fire pit. Rolled up blankets took up one corner, along with built-in shelves and boxes.
Gendou’s wife, three daughters, and young son bowed as they entered, their gaze firmly planted on the ground.
“Please sit, Asaka-sama. Though we are unworthy, allow us to extend our hospitality to you and yours.” Gendou pointed toward the place of honor.
Ietsugu sat with folded legs on the wooden floor, Mitsuo settling a pace or two behind him as was his want.
Gendou’s wife took command at that point and plied them all with tea, rice, and small pieces of meat, probably deer or boar, wrapped in leaves.
Once they were served, she sat at the corner of the room, observing the men and rising when needed to refill cups or bowls.
Though the fare was simple, Ietsugu was glad for the food. The sounds of night rose around them, the deepening gloom kept away by the light of a short tallow candle. The quiet company, the warm tea, and the meal, seemed to bid as a good portent for the coming enterprise. Wallowing in the sensations a moment longer, he then set his empty dish back on the floor and made eye contact with his host.
“My father has sent me to help your village as requested. Taka-san spoke of evil demons and other troubles. What more can you tell me? Has a priest been called as well?”
Gendou bowed to the floor. Taka almost immediately followed suit. Ietsugu couldn’t be sure, but he thought the peasant looked afraid. “I wouldn’t dare pile more upon your shoulders when you’ve only so recently arrived, young lord.” Gendou sounded nervous. “It is late, very late, and I couldn’t possibly impose upon you until you’ve rested. Please, relax, take your ease until morning. Then all will be revealed as much as you wish.”
Ietsugu’s brow rose. Were they that frightened of speaking of demons and spirits in the dark? Surely they didn’t believe they’d be overheard. He decided not to be rude and force the issue despite the obvious evasion to his questions. It had been a long ride after all; the rest would be welcome. “Till morning then.”
Gendou’s wife gathered the dishes, the atmosphere around them easing. Taka got up, bowed, and left in an obvious hurry, as if unsure the samurai wouldn’t change his mind. The sounds of packages being placed on the porch rang loud in the evening air. Moments later two of the daughters returned and stood meekly to the side. Gendou rose. “My daughters will turn down the bedding for you, Asaka-sama. If you have any wish for warmth, they would be happy to accommodate in that as well.”
The leader pushed his two daughters forward to where they could be clearly seen in the light. Both held their heads bowed, their hands gripped before them.
“The nights at this time of year are comfortable enough. Thank you all the same.” Though to take one was within his rights, the fear pouring like water from the two girls didn’t warm Ietsugu to the prospect.
“As you wish.” The two girls unrolled several sets of bedding then escaped in prompt order.
“I will be in the house to the left. If you need anything at all…”
“Yes, thank you.” Ietsugu still hadn’t moved from his sitting position.
Gendou’s wife joined him at the door and both bowed before leaving. Her expression seemed to be carved in stone and hadn’t changed all evening.
“Lord.” Mitsuo’s deep slow tones bid for Ietsugu’s attention. “I will sleep outside and guard the door.”
“Sensei, I doubt it’s necessary.”
The old samurai creaked to his feet. “Nevertheless.”
Ietsugu nodded, knowing better than to argue with his stubborn teacher. In some things, the old man couldn’t be budged. He took his role as samurai and vassal even more seriously than his father. “Good night, Mitsuo-san.”
“Good night.”
Once the sliding door had closed, Ietsugu removed his swords and set them above the wooden pillow. Next he removed his outer coat and then the kimono underneath. Folding both and setting them to the side, he blew out the candle and by the light from the coals in the fire pit, settled under the bedding.
Ietsugu shivered, his first thought as he awoke was that it was terribly cold. A great weight pressed against him from above, making it hard to breathe. His eyes snapped open.
It was still night. He lay in the same place as where he fell asleep. Yet through what little light seeped from the window behind him, he saw his breath turn white as he exhaled. The weight upon his chest increased, becoming painful. But he could see nothing there. Fear nipped at him.
He bid his arm to move, to reach behind him for his katana, but it would not. He couldn’t move at all. How could this be? An act of treachery from the peasants? The food must have been poisoned. But what had they to gain from such a maneuver?
His breath coalesced before him as he breathed out again.
No. This must be something else. The cold was real and not a part of him.
That’s when he heard it — the barest of whispers. Yet, it seemed to come from right in front of him, from where he felt the weight, from where there was nothing.
“Leave this place…”
His pulse sped faster. And though he tried, he couldn’t speak. But he dared not let his fear show. He schooled his face into an impassive mask, the one that was a samurai’s alone.
“You are not of the village. You must leave this place…”
A mist spread above his blankets. It floated upwards toward the ceiling, like strokes of a brush creating a painting. It formed before him into the shape of a beautiful young woman.
Tears covered her face. Her clothes were entirely white. Wisps of light floated around her head.
Ietsugu had heard too many stories not to know what she was – yurei – a ghost.
“You will leave this place…or die!” Her face came close, the features changing as they rushed near. Full and lovely cheeks shrunk, thinned and hung as if there were no meat behind the loose skin. Her dark hair rose around her, spiking in every direction. Sad tearful eyes turned to burning coals of hatred.
Cold pierced his soul as she shot through and past him. Then she was gone.
Ietsugu leapt to his feet, no longer weighed down, his limbs his own once more. His skin broke out in goose bumps, the previously muted sounds of the night now overtly loud. The warm night sucked away the cold as if it had never been.
The door slid open behind him, and at the sound Ietsugu whipped around with a gasp.
“Asaka-sama! Is all well?” Mitsuo knelt at the entrance, his gaze piercing every corner of the room, his hand on the hilt of his katana.
“Yes. Nothing to be alarmed about.” Ietsugu hoped his teacher couldn’t hear the harsh galloping of his heart. Pretending a calm he didn’t feel, he sat down on his bedding, all thoughts of sleep fled. “The village indeed has a problem.”
With the first hint of dawn, Ietsugu stepped out to the well, waiting for the peasants to awaken. He stood with one hand on his sword, the other on his hip, a blank expression on his face. He had to fight the urge to pace.
As soon as one of the villagers peered out their door and spotted him, they sent sleepy children running in several directions, including the house where the chief and his family slept.
Within a minute Gendou rushed from the house, hair in disarray, and prostrated himself before Ietsugu’s unhappy gaze. “Asaka-sama, is something the matter? Have we somehow displeased you?”
The rest of the village poured out to find out about the trouble, but all kept their distance from Ietsugu’s dangerous expression.
“It is morning. I wish to have the meeting…now.” He raked the entirety of the village with his gaze. “Do not make me wait.”
He strode back to the chief’s house and entered it without once looking back.
He’d barely seated himself, arranging his swords so they wouldn’t hinder him, Mitsuo moving to stand at the back wall on his right, when Gendou entered.
Taka wasn’t far behind him, helping an older man up the steps. One other, whom Ietsugu hadn’t met before, brought up the rear. The samurai said nothing as he waited for them all to be seated.
Gendou’s wife came in with a tray of rice cakes and tea, but Ietsugu waved her away. He didn’t even give the new men time to introduce themselves.
“Tell me about the ghost.”
The four men stared at one another in confusion. “Ghost? Asaka-sama, many apologies, but there is no ghost. Our troubles come from a demon,” Gendou said.
“Several people have seen it,” Taka added. “They all described it as a monster.”
The oldest of the four leaned forward. “All the signs are there, great lord. It began months ago with many bouts of lighting and horrid storms. We tried to appease the demon as our ancestors did in ages past, but it didn’t work. People have been attacked in their sleep.” The old man’s voice shook. “Our livestock have been hurt or killed. The walls holding the water for our crops were damaged so we very nearly lost everything. It is why Taka was sent to seek your help. We are most desperate.” He bowed to the floor, his hands clasped together in supplication.
Ietsugu stared from one to the other. Could it be they truly didn’t know? Isolated as they were, might it be possible? “The actual harm to the village, when -“
A piercing scream cut off his words. As one, they rushed outside.
A young man in traveling clothes stood in open-faced shock, a woman unconscious at his feet. Several men of the village rushed him and grappled him to the ground.
“Do not hurt him!” Ietsugu took the lead, the crowding villagers parting at his approach. “We need to ascertain what has occurred here first.”
A heavily bent old woman pushed through the crowd from the side, poking stomachs and elbows with her gnarled staff. She knelt beside the fallen woman. “She still breathes. It looks as if she may have only fainted.” She cackled with harsh humor.
Ietsugu couldn’t fathom what she could possibly find amusing about the situation. There was a puzzle here and it would be unraveled. “Stand him up.”
The men holding the newcomer jerked him to his feet. The young traveler’s eyes went wide when they settled on Ietsugu’s swords.
“Who are you?” the samurai said.
“My, my name is Daisuke, sir.”
Ietsugu nodded. “Tell me what occurred here.”
The young man opened his mouth but no words came out. He swallowed hard and tried again. “I just came into the village, sir, and called out a greeting to Izumi-san. But when she saw me, she screamed and fell dead away to the ground. I don’t understand it.”
“So you have been to this village before? You are known here?” Ietsugu felt a tendril of dread as a dark suspicion itched for his attention.
“Yes, sir.”
Gendou bowed his way forward. “That is correct, Asaka-sama. He spent a short time with us during the winter before last.”
“Yes!” Daisuke nodded quickly. “I’d meant to come back much sooner — just as I’d promised. But a long illness befell me and only recently was I well enough to travel again.” The young man gazed at the gathered faces around him. “Where is Haruka-chan?”
The crone patted the face of the unconscious woman, her other hand holding tiny leaves to Izumi’s nose. She cackled again. Everyone grew strangely silent their gaze anywhere but on the young man or the samurai. The men holding onto Daisuke’s arms released him.
“Asaka-sama, I’m sure this is all a misunderstanding — nothing to concern yourself about. We will take care of it.” Gendou placed himself between Ietsugu and the traveler. “Why don’t we go inside so we can continue with our meeting?”
Ietsugu stiffened, his previous sense of dread growing. He sensed Mitsuo doing the same. Something wasn’t right here. “I haven’t finished, Gendou-san.” He put as much disapproval into his tone as he could.
Gendou instantly bowed and stepped aside, his face hidden.
“She’s coming around now.” The crone helped prop Izumi against the side of the well.
The woman moaned, her hand rising to cradle her head. Then she snapped up straight and her gaze locked with Daisuke’s. Her face paled and tears sprang to her eyes. “Oh ohhhhhh.”
“Izumi-san?” Daisuke pushed forward and knelt beside her. “Are you not well? And where is Haruka-chan?”
Izumi would no longer look at him, turning her face away and hiding it behind her sleeves.
Looking baffled, the traveler rose to his feet and stared about him as if never having seen any of them before. “Where is Haruka-chan?”
“She’s dead.” Gasps rang all around as Ietsugu answered his question.
“What? How can that be?” Daisuke turned to face the samurai.
“That is something the village will need to answer. All I know is that I have seen her angry ghost with my own eyes. She is now an onryo.”
Several villagers fell to their knees, groans echoing around them. Daisuke’s face paled, even as he stared at Ietsugu with incomprehension. “A vengeful spirit? Why would she be a vengeful spirit?” He turned on the villagers. “What have you people done?”
Ietsugu turned merciless eyes in Gendou’s direction. “Yes, Gendou-san, tell us what was done.”
The village leader groveled on the ground, his face in the dirt. “This cannot be. It cannot be.” He shook his head. “You must believe us. We saw the signs! An offering had to be made.”
“What did you do?” Daisuke shook where he stood, obviously fighting for control.
The answer didn’t come from the leader, but from Izumi. Her low voice sounded lifeless. “You hadn’t returned. We didn’t believe you would. And she was the loveliest and most pleasing… The one most likely to satisfy the demon and therefore save the village.”
“No. No, no, no no no. Haruka!” Daisuke slumped to the ground and covered his face with his hands.
“Ignorant peasants.”
Ietsugu didn’t acknowledge Mitsuo’s soft voiced comment though at the moment he totally agreed. “What was actually done with the girl? How was she offered to your imagined demon?” He held back none of the disgust he felt from showing in his voice.
The adults cringed. Several small children cried out, sensing the distress of their parents.
The older of the four men who’d come to hold council that morning, crawled forward. “There, there is a cave on a cliff not too far from here. It is where our ancestors left offerings in the past.”
“You will take us there. Now.”
High on an exposed side of the mountain, the cave appeared as nothing more than a dark depression in the wall. A narrow ledge offered a ready grip for a grapple and rope.
Of the villagers, only Gendou and Taka were allowed to come and show the way. The rest were to wait at the village. Diasuke trailed behind them, looking lost and numb.
The basket procured from behind a set of bushes, contained a rope ladder. After several halfhearted attempts, the two villagers secured it to the ledge.
“The two of you will remain here.” Ietsugu said. Mitsuo watched them coldly, his hand resting on the pummel of his sword, making a promise of what would be their reward if they decided to disobey the order. Both men stared only at the ground.
Ietsugu took hold of the ladder, and after testing it, climbed up. Mitsuo and Daisuke followed.
Sunlight only penetrated a foot or so into the cave. Cold air emanated from the interior. Mitsuo lit a lamp and handed it over to Ietsugu. Making sure the sacred papers his father had obtained for him before his journey were still safely tucked within his sleeve, Ietsugu held the lamp before him and turning sideways, shuffled inside.
Daisuke followed him, with Mitsuo remaining to guard the entrance outside.
The cave was narrow for several arm lengths then widened. The cold rose in intensity and the stench of rotting flesh grew cloyingly close.
The diffused light parted the darkness. An ancient shrine sat on the left, hasty repairs and more recent offerings of food and incense evident.
The back of the cave went deep. Yellowed, brittle bones and bone dust covered the floor there like a bed. Nestled in the middle of it lay the decomposing body of a young woman. Bindings were tied around her ankles and wrists, dried blood staining them from her struggles to get loose. A gag was set firmly in her mouth.
Ietsugu frowned, knowing this to have been a dishonorable and agonizing death. Worse, it was done to her by her own people. The anger he’d been holding back so fiercely glowed a little brighter. His knuckles turned white on the hilt of his sword.
“Haruka!” Daisuke lunged past him to fall on his knees beside the decaying body. “Oh, my beloved Haruka!”
The already low temperature plunged. Their breaths frosted before them.
A cloud of mist formed above him, taking on the shape of the dead woman on the floor.
“Haruka-chan!” Daisuke’s gasp was filled with both exhilaration and horror.
Moving incredibly slowly so as to not attract attention, Ietsugu set the lamp on the ground behind him.
“Beloved… You’ve finally come for me.” Her ghostly arms extended toward the young man. “I’ve waited so long.” Her face peeled back into rows of jagged teeth. “You’ve come just in time to join me in death!”
Daisuke screamed as he was bodily picked up off the floor and flung the length of the cave. Ietsugu rushed forward and slashed at the apparition with his sword to no effect. The blade slid cleanly through Haruka’s floating body, not slowing her in the least.
“Come, Daisuke, prove your love to me. Give me your life.” She glided forward affection and hate warring over her features.
The traveler struggled to stand, holding his right arm tight to his body.
“Stop! He is not the one who did this to you!” Ietsugu tried to get between them.
With only a flick of her wrist, Haruka sent him flying back onto the bed of bones. Something sharp and hot pierced Ietsugu’s hip, making him grimace with pain. The scent of blood wafted around him.
“Beloved. Please!”
The ghost enveloped Daisuke. His eyes bulged, his left hand rising to his throat.
Ietsugu used his sword to pull himself up to his knees. He reached inside his sleeve for one of the folded papers with the almost unintelligible cursive script.
As if sensing the item in his hands, a shrieking wind swirled in the space with brutal torrential force, pushing Ietsugu to the floor and sliding him back toward the entrance.
Flailing for purchase, he stabbed his katana into the ground to keep from being pushed away farther. With gritted teeth, he removed his wakisashi, keeping the ofuda pressed tightly between his hand and the short sword’s hilt.
Struggling against the wind, and grimacing at the use he was putting his swords to, Ietsugu used the blades to drive them ahead of him into the dirt and loose shale to pull himself back toward the dead woman’s body.
Risking a glance in the ghost’s direction, her entire attention appeared to be riveted on her strangling lover. Ietsugu pushed to move faster, knowing she wouldn’t be diverted forever.
By the time he made it to the corpse’s side, his arms and body shook from the strain of fighting the wind.
Sending a prayer to Buddha and Amaterasu, he let go of the wakisashi and slapped the blessed papers onto the forehead of Haruka’s physical body.
Her ghost form screamed as the two made contact, light flashing from the corpse. Her keening wail forced Ietsugu to cover his ears in pain.
Haruka’s form expanded and expanded until she seemed to fill every nook and cranny of the cave. With a final shriek, there was a sudden release of pressure, and she was gone.
Daisuke dropped to the ground, coughing. As Ietsugu labored to stand upright, Daisuke seemed to realize the ghost was truly gone. His face scrunched up in pain and unashamed tears poured down his cheeks. “Beloved!”
“Asaka-sama!” Mitsuo squeezed into the room, his sword drawn. Spotting him, the weeping Daisuke, and no one else, he hurried to his master’s side confusion warring with the need to make sure his young charge was well.
“I’m all right.” Ietsugu waved him off. “We should leave this evil place.”
Ietsugu stared at where the cave entrance had once stood, full of satisfaction. For four days the villagers were pressed into service to mine rock from the mountain so the cave could be filled and then sealed.
Taka had been sent back to the city with a note to summon a priest and monk. For the last day, the Shinto monk and Buddhist priest had done their best to lay those within to their proper rest and also make sure no demons or spirits were still tied to the place.
Every villager would go through rituals of purification and pay penance through prayer for their part in the misdeed and also help build a proper shrine and housing for a monk. The errors of the past would not be repeated.
Ietsugu removed his gaze from the thick woven rope and lightning shaped papers draped about the closed entrance and stared with some pity at Daisuke. The young man no longer looked quite the same. Lines of sadness and of the things he saw marked him.
The samurai had already decided the young man would go back with them. The sooner he left this place, the faster he might become himself again. Perhaps one day Daisuke might even forget Haruka and the betrayal perpetrated on her by her own people.
The End

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