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Daiyu Wu Mysteries

Welcome to the series page for the Daiyu Wu Mystery series.

Set in 1930s in Dallas, TX. The books are narrated by Jacques Haskin, Dai’s friend and confidant. Together, they will delve into the different facets of the people, the troubles, and the obstacles of this fascinating time in history.


Miss Daiyu Wu (AKA Dai)

Miss Daiyu Wu (AKA Dai)


Born: 1909

Chinese Zodiac: Yellow Earth Rooster – confident, with a sharp mind. Driven and always works hard. She is fiercely committed to her goals.

Devoted daughter and friend. Hates being thought of as cute.

Prince Razor

Prince Razor

Companion, bodyguard, and ladies man

Pomeranian and Scottish Terrier mix. He is Dai’s companion and bodyguard. Smart, sweet, and when called ‘Razor’ totally fearless and ready to jump in the fray.

Jacques Haskin

Jacques Haskin


Born: 1910

Chinese Zodiac: White Metal Dog – is straightforward and confident. Loyal, he will do anything for friends and family. Hates unfairness and will do what he can to correct it.

Jacques loves Dai like a sister. It was her machinations that got him added to the family. A debt he feels he can never repay.


Book 1

Black Jade – Could an old-fashioned ballgown be used to commit murder?

Black Jade - A Daiyu Wu Mystery

Book 2

White Gold – Work-In-Progress

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