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 In the Service of Samurai


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If you enjoy reading a fantasy full of action and adventure, I highly recommend you go out and get In the Service of Samurai

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Thrust into political intrigue from beyond the grave, can a boy rise from the depths of despair to become an unlikely hero?

Feudal Japan. Toshiro “Toshi” Chizuson respects his station. Though his master is frugal to a fault, the young cartography apprentice has plenty to eat and dedicates himself to growing his skills in trade. But the burgeoning mapmaker is horrified when a skeletal samurai enters the shop at dusk and carries him off to serve on a ship of the dead.

Discovering the lifeless crew needs his help to finish the mission they failed to complete in life, Toshi toils to decode foreign charts and instruments. But after a ghostly saboteur attempts to destroy his work, the terrified teen fears he’ll join his ghoulish shipmates in perpetual unrest.

Can Toshi break a sinister maritime curse and finally bring justice to the lost souls?

In the Service of Samurai is a page-turning YA novel. If you like resourceful heroes, meticulous historical detail, and stories of the supernatural, then you’ll love Gloria Oliver’s epic coming-of-age tale.

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His prison’s blank, glowing walls glared silently at him as he entered. Seasickness washed over him. A dead certainty came over him then, and although the unearthly cold of the ship mercilessly flowed into him, he didn’t run for his blanket when he was released. Instead, he turned around to face the departing samurai.

“Asaka-sama, please. I beg you!” He sank to his knees, his hands palm-down against the floor and his eyes closed in supplication. “Release me. Take me home. I can be of no use to you. Please, I don’t belong here!” His voice caught in his throat. “Please, Lord, I beg you!”


Toshi pressed his forehead against the floor’s glowing planks, shooting cold stabbing it as was already happening with his knees and hands. He shut his eyes tighter with a prayer, his heart quickening as he heard the sound most dreaded by his people everywhere. His acrid breath hung still in his raw throat as the soft click of a katana being slightly drawn from its sheath reverberated in the silence. He waited for the end.

“I will ignore your statement this once. I expect it never to be repeated.” Asaka’s voice was cold.

He heard the katana click back into place.

“The only release you will find if you do is from your flesh,” the samurai told him. “I will have you, one way or another. If I must kill you and then trap your spirit from rising to its next plane, then so be it. It would mean nothing to me to have you join the ship’s crew permanently and find myself one who has the courage to endure what you do not.”

Asaka left, slamming the door behind him.

Horror and shame poured through Toshi, although he couldn’t explain the reason for the latter. Tears ran freely from his closed eyes to fall on the glowing floor as his mind’s eye cruelly provided him with a picture of himself as a fleshless, moving corpse.


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If you enjoy reading a fantasy full of action and adventure, I highly recommend you go out and get In the Service of Samurai


Author: Gloria Oliver

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