Gloria Oliver, Alien Redemption, SF, science fiction, First Contact, blackmail

What if the savior
was the one who
needed saving?

"If you like first contact stories, this is one for the ages."
- Jon Strother

A fun first contact read with plenty of action, some blackmail, and a struggle for redemption that will keep you glued to each page."
- James Haydon

"It is a satisfying science fiction read with just enough edge to be unique."
- Jason M Turner

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Readers Favorite 5 Star Review for Alien Redemption

Alien Redemption by Gloria Oliver is a science fiction novel about mankind’s discovery of an alien race. The story follows Claudia, a doctor who has been disgraced within her profession. In her efforts to escape her past, she ends up working on a merchant spaceship called the Holiday, under the nefarious Captain Bennet. They fly across the galaxy to a planet that is home to a previously undiscovered intelligent race of beings. Claudia is intrigued at the discovery, anxious to learn from them and protect them. Captain Bennet, on the other hand, has evil plans for the beings that have humanoid bodies along with wings and feathers. Claudia soon finds herself their sole caretaker and protector, even as the Captain kidnaps them and forces them into a despicable life of servitude.

I found Alien Redemption to be one of the most original science fiction novels I’ve ever read. The story is simple yet nearly perfect in its execution. Gloria Oliver’s style of writing is fluid and very natural. I was easily carried away within the story as I turned the pages. The characters are believable and real. Claudia is so well fleshed out that I found myself fully invested in her thoughts and dilemmas. Many of the other characters were equally effective, especially Captain Bennet and the First Mate, Stevens. The most stunning story element of Alien Redemption is the avians, the name most often used for the aliens. I won’t give away any story details here, but suffice it to say, they’re handled very differently than aliens are in most other sci-fi stories. Alien Redemption is a fresh and satisfying science fiction read that I am happy to recommend.

Scott Cahan
at Readers' Favorite

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Alien Redemption by Gloria Oliver is a fascinating deep space novel about a woman with a past that haunts her and has made her a pariah amongst those around her, so she tries to disguise herself in the hopes of being able to slip under the radar of anyone who may know her so that she can get a job. What she's not prepared for is for the captain of the ship she applies to recognize her and then proceed to blackmail her into his service. The path ahead is fraught with dangers, but what choice does she have if she wants to stay alive and keep her secrets?

Alien Redemption is the first book that I have read by Gloria Oliver and this book truly fascinated me. The author gives me the main character with a hidden past, and a desire to redeem herself for those mistakes. My curiosity is immediately piqued as I want to learn more about what happened, but then the author hands me an unscrupulous captain who shows that he's not above doing shady things to his own crew if they so much as displease him in the slightest. My emotions are brought to the forefront constantly throughout this book. My curiosity towards Claudia's past, then my anger and disgust towards the Captain at how low he will go and how he truly views those who are aboard his ship. Like Claudia, I thought that my disgust and disdain for him could not go any lower, but the author proves us both wrong when they come across the mysterious planet with the unique alien beings.

I was absolutely delighted with the amount of detail that the author gives me concerning the planet and then the sentient alien beings themselves. I could picture their vivid colors in my mind, and my heart just grew fit to burst for them as Claudia goes about trying to do her best by and for them, despite the contemptible demands of the captain. I feel for Claudia as she goes about doing what she can and trying to find a way out of the dilemma that she has found herself in. I couldn't help but smile at some of the interactions that she has with some of the aliens as well.

There honestly isn't much that I can complain about concerning this book. The author has written it very well and knows how to pull readers deeper into the storyline as they go along. While I truly despise the captain himself there is always that one character in a story that you have to hate and let me tell you...he fits the bill perfectly.

I am rating this book 5 out of 5 stars. I look forward to reading more of this author's work in the future as she has truly proven that she has a way with words and painting a vivid picture. If you enjoy science fiction novels with the discovery of new sentient beings and the question of morals then this is a good book to pick up. I would recommend this book for those who are 17+ as it does contain some mature references.

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About Alien Redemption

What if the savior was the one who needed saving?

Claudia is blackmailed into taking the medical officer’s position on a merchant ship in the Fringes. One hired for a mission to an uncharted system. To a planet with intelligent life, and despite the odds, a humanoid one.

Can Claudia stop the impending exploitation of this sentient species? Or is there a worse fate waiting for her if she tries?

Alien Redemption by Gloria Oliver